Terminate Private Mortgage Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

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One area where homeowners can potentially reduce their monthly expenses is by terminating private mortgage insurance (PMI). In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide on how to terminate private mortgage insurance, also known as PMI, and help you save money on your mortgage payments.

Understanding Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Before we delve into the steps to terminate private mortgage insurance, it's essential to understand what PMI is and why it exists. When you purchase a home with a down payment of less than 20% of the property's value, lenders typically require you to obtain private mortgage insurance. PMI protects the lender in case the borrower defaults on the loan.

While PMI benefits lenders, it adds an additional cost to your monthly mortgage payments. However, once you meet specific criteria, you have the opportunity to terminate PMI and reduce your financial burden.

Terminate Private Mortgage Insurance: Steps to Follow

Step 1: Understand PMI Requirements and Guidelines

To terminate private mortgage insurance, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the requirements and guidelines set by your lender. These criteria may vary, so it's essential to review your mortgage agreement or contact your lender directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information.

Step 2: Calculate Your Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV)

The loan-to-value ratio (LTV) plays a significant role in determining when you can terminate PMI. LTV is the ratio of your loan amount to the appraised value of your home. Once your LTV reaches 80%, you become eligible to request the cancellation of PMI.

You can calculate your LTV by dividing your loan amount by the current appraised value of your home. For example, if your loan amount is $200,000 and your home's appraised value is $250,000, your LTV would be 80% ($200,000 / $250,000 = 0.8).

Step 3: Make Additional Mortgage Payments

Accelerating your mortgage payments can help you reach the 80% LTV threshold sooner. By paying down your principal balance more quickly, you can build equity in your home and expedite the termination of PMI. Consider making extra payments whenever possible to reduce your loan balance and reach that 80% LTV milestone.

Step 4: Request PMI Termination

Once you believe your LTV has reached 80% or below, it's time to contact your lender and formally request the termination of PMI. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork and guide you through the process. Remember to keep documentation of all your payments and the current value of your home to support your request.

Step 5: Get a Professional Appraisal

Some lenders may require a professional appraisal to determine your home's current value accurately. An appraisal conducted by a licensed appraiser can help establish the updated market value, which is essential for confirming that your LTV is at or below 80%. Be prepared to cover the cost of the appraisal.

The Benefits of Terminating PMI

By successfully terminating private mortgage insurance, you can enjoy several benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Eliminating PMI can lead to significant cost savings, reducing your monthly mortgage payments and saving you hundreds of dollars each month.
  2. Increased Equity: As you pay down your mortgage and eliminate PMI, your equity in the property increases, putting you in a better financial position.
  3. Financial Flexibility: With reduced monthly payments, you can allocate your funds toward other financial goals, such as retirement savings, paying off other debts, or investing.


Terminating private mortgage insurance can be a smart financial move for homeowners looking to reduce their monthly expenses and increase their equity. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate the process of canceling mortgage insurance. Remember to familiarize yourself with your lender's requirements, calculate your LTV, make additional mortgage payments, and contact your lender to request PMI termination. By doing so, you'll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of a PMI-free mortgage and greater financial flexibility.


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