New Tesla Plasma "Med Bed" Technology Used in Ancient Egypt

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New "Med Bed" Technology Advances Work of Nikola Tesla 

"Med Beds" and med bed technology has been a popular and fast growing subject over the last 5 years as many media sources have started reporting about beds or pods used in top secret programs having the ability to heal, regenerate and even age regress people. Although much of that may be speculation and has yet to be seen some actual med bed type technology is becoming available and has been shown now to have actually be in use during the times of ancient Egypt.

Interview with "med bed" technology scientist and inventor Dan Winter
talking about Tesla and dual tube plasma energy technology

Plasma energy technology inscribed in Egyptian hieroglyphics
Duel Tube Plasma Energy Systems inscribed in Egyptian carvings

Introducing the "Plasma Med Bed System" which includes a massive 200,000 watt Tesla coil generator and an RF system that produces a wide spectrum of Golden Mean frequencies and with the use of plasma and can perform some interesting effects on cells for rejuvenation. With a host of scientists coming after Nikola Tesla and working with him a third generation of scientists have now pushed his work even further with the application of duel tube plasma systems which have shown to be more powerful than previous single tube systems.

Plasma Energy Med bed System

These dual tube systems create a zero point where two "whirlpools of plasma energy" converge in the middle of a table where the person receiving the energy and create a scaler energy field with a spectrum of Golden Mean frequencies. This is an advance from the single tube systems which ran single frequencies and took longer to use.

Nikola Tesla working with plasma energy  
Nikola Tesla was an early pioneer who worked with plasma energy

In addition to the increase in frequency cascades being run and the application of the participant being in the "zero point", the new technology also create a recursive plasma energy field which becomes mindful and intelligent as it taps into the frequency of the DNA. This mindful intelligent energy field encourages the participant to have intention on exactly why they are in this "med bed" field and what the desired outcome should be since intention itself is also a field of plasma energy.

Med Bed pod system

Although the modern interpretation of space age med beds includes med bed pods current scientists say that eliminating that section of the product helps greatly reduce costs and makes the actual med bed technology cheaper, easier to ship and more practical for wellness centers with residential size door frames and interior structure. Other similar devices like hyperbaric chambers which are used in hospitals requires entire walls to be torn out to get in and out and the cost of shipping can easily run over five thousand dollars alone.

The Future of Med beds and Med Bed Technology
As many of people wait for the release of "the real med beds" many scientists and manufacturers are releasing many types of med bed technology now and wellness centers, Integrative medical, chiropractors and private individuals are buying and putting this technology to use now. One Virginia based energy and frequency based technology company "USA Med Bed", LLC is offering a wide spectrum of new cutting edge technology like the Plasma Med Bed System including the pinnacle 200,000 watt Theraphi Plasma System. Smaller systems including the 20,000 watt Plasma Energy Spheres and a host of other scaler energy, FAR infrared, PEMF and other cutting edge technologies keep being added to the portfolio as the demand for new technology continues to grow.

Plasma Energy Spheres Med Bed Technology

Top selling wellness products include the Anti Aging Bed Covers, Plasma Energy Water, Terahertz Frequency Wands, PEMF med bed, Tesla Plasma Chamber and other similar devices, According to staff at USA Med Bed many people "layer" or add multiple technologies into wellness centers and homes as each have unique properties and characteristics and work a little differently.  USA Med Bed, LLC is a leading consulting company for wellness centers and cutting edge energy and frequency based technology.

Sound frequency watch some of the frequencies for men

One of the most popular lower priced technologies includes a "sound wave frequency watch" which can run up to 850 frequencies into a persons wrist while they go about their daily activities.

Whether or not the "real med beds" make it to the public the fact is that there are dozens if not hundreds of frequency and energy based technology products making their way into society and ultimately this will assist with improvements in overall health and wellness. As USA Med Bed, LLC continues to consult with wellness centers and health practitioners more products will continue to be introduced at locations they have in Carlsbad California (858-922-6862) and their main headquarter location in Richmond Virginia (540) 327-7376.

Stay tuned for new med bed technology products, reviews and visit the youtube channel for a host of interviews from leading scientists and experts in various wellness fields at 

Anti Aging Bed Covers

Med Bed Type Technology and Products

Visit their websites below for a complete product list at:

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terahertz wand using scaler energy

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 Nikola Tesla and Plasma Energy

USA Med Bed, LLC

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