Some of your clients may be planning to perform exterior maintenance this summer. Below are maintenance tips you can share with clients who want to protect their investments.

Tend to the garden. During the dog days of summer, make sure plants get plenty of water. Weed the garden regularly and deadhead flowers to allow for new growth.

Power wash the deck and other areas. If you don't own a power washer, you can rent one for a day and use it to clean the deck, porch, driveway, and other exterior areas of your home. As you power wash, check for cracks and make a plan to reseal or repair those areas.

Clean gutters and downspouts. During the course of the year, leaves and debris can collect in rain gutters clogging downspouts from properly moving rainwater away from your home. Clearing out the debris can prevent potential water damage or flooding.

Clean the dryer vent. Often overlooked, it's important to clean out any lint buildup inside your dryer vent to prevent fires.

While most people prefer to spend their summer days at the beach, some routine maintenance can help your clients keep their homes in good shape. With these helpful tips, you can be a resource for your clients as they plan their summer maintenance checklist.