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Makaha Beach Cabanas - Hawaii beachfront condos

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Makaha Beach Cabanas

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If you imagine about living in a condo on a sandy beach, take a look at Makaha Beach Cabanas.  Spending time on a sandy beach like this is wonderful and relaxing for most people - more so when you live next to it.  The images are like those you might see in a movie!

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Makaha Beach Cabanas are located at 84-965 Farrington Highway. There's a taller building adjacent to the Cabanas, it's called the Hawaiian Princess.  An important point about the Hawaiian Princess is that it's leasehold, with the lease expiring in 2036. Click this link to learn more about leasehold condos.

Most people want and are used to Fee Simple real estate. "Fee Simple" means you buy it, you own it. Nearly all of the condos at Makaha Beach Cabanas are Fee Simple. If a leasehold condo is offered for sale, it will be clearly designated as "Leasehold."

As of the date this blog is written, there are ten (10) active listings for sale at the Makaha Beach Cabanas.  For a building with 162 total units, that's a significant number for sale. For many sellers the likely reason is an upcoming renovation project. The building has spalling issues (spalling occurs when the rebar inside concrete becomes rusty and expands, breaking the surrounding concrete.) An assessment of $12,345.68 has charged to each owner.  

The spalling work is on the ocean-side of each unit. The contractor must search for cracks and cut open the concrete to determine the extent of the spalling. 

Recently, I spoke with an owner whose unit has already been repaired. He said it was "not bad" in regard to the inconvenience of having contractors in his condo and the time it took. Note that the spalling contractor will remove items as needed, such as the sliding glass windows and tile flooring, however the contractor will not replace them. The cost of reinstallation will be paid by the respective condo unit owners. Spalling damage may vary from unit to unit, the extent of work to be performed will vary.

Typically, after these types of repairs are done, buyers have renewed interest, knowing that a given issue has been taken care of.

Please note, the Makaha Beach Cabanas are zoned residential. Legal rentals must be for 30 days or longer, unless a specific unit has a Non-Conforming Use Certificate.

For more information about condos for sale, click the Makaha Beach Cabanas link.

We also have a great aerial video of the Makaha Beach Cabanas showing the building and the lovely beach!

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