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Broker Tip: Harness Real Estate Tech for Agent Attraction & Retention

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In recent times, the real estate industry, particularly in Florida, has witnessed a significant surge in agents switching between brokerages. Shockingly, in the past year, 21% of agents in Florida alone opted to change their brokerage, and it is anticipated that an additional 60% are seriously contemplating doing the same soon. Everything from pandemic-era reality shifts to wildly shifting real estate markets have led to this desire (or need) for a change. To navigate this dynamic market, brokers must reassess their strategies for agent growth and retention to ensure ongoing success. Embracing the digital age is crucial, and a pivotal aspect of this is providing each agent within the brokerage with a modern real estate web system.


For brokers aiming to attract and retain agents successfully, the focus should be on equipping them with essential technology tools to foster business growth and management. Every agent, whether brand new or well seasoned, understands the need to have a strong online presence in this day and age. A compelling proposition lies in offering each agent - whether those you are courting to your brokerage or your existing agents - a personalized website (with consistent brokerage branding!) creating an appealing incentive for agents to join while also reinforcing the brokerage's brand identity.


The advantages of this approach extend to both brokers and agents. In today's online-driven world, every agent requires a dedicated real estate web system to enhance their online presence and effectively attract and convert leads. As a significant portion of potential business comes from online sources and having the right technology is essential to tap into the digital market and convert leads successfully. By providing this valuable asset as a benefit, brokers become more attractive to potential recruits and strengthen their ability to retain existing agents. As the agents' businesses thrive, it positively impacts the overall performance of the brokerage.


This does not have to be a difficult - or cost burdensome - endeavor when done effectively and efficiently.


The most recommended formula for maximizing the brokerage's exposure and each agent's potential is to adopt a real estate web platform that allows the provision of individual agent websites as subdomains under the brokerage site. A good real estate web company will enable you to offer a subdomain - for instance, agentname.yourbrokerage.com - for each agent in your directory. A subdomain is its own digital entity that lives on your brokerage’s domain. This enhances the brokerage's online visibility, as traffic directed to an agent's subdomain also boosts the brokerage's online statistics and search engine rankings. For individual agents, this approach empowers them to have their own website for personalized marketing purposes. Moreover, maintaining brand consistency across all subdomains contributes to more effective marketing strategies. It is a win for all parties involved.


This tech-savvy strategy is a powerful recruitment tool for attracting new agents seeking brokerages that can aid in their business growth. Similarly, for agents contemplating a change, the offer of a top-of-the-line technology solution presents an attractive upgrade from their current brokerage solution. 


In terms of agent retention, this approach is particularly advantageous for retaining existing agents, as they become reliant on the provided system and website, reducing the likelihood of seeking alternatives elsewhere. Ultimately, all data and content on the subdomain remains with the brokerage since the site is under the brokerage’s domain umbrella - making it a huge loss for agents that would leave the brokerage.


Throughout the state, brokerages are increasingly embracing in-house technology solutions and experiencing significant business boosts as a result. The best part is that it doesn't have to break the bank. Realty Net Media, a real estate technology company, offers the TechBroker Solution at a cost-effective price point, enabling brokers to provide subdomains to all their agents with just a few clicks. The TechBroker Solution empowers brokers to furnish their agents with stunning modern websites, complete with a robust CRM and cutting-edge buyer and seller tools. This has proven to be a game-changer for brokers seeking to retain their current agents or expand their brokerages. Learn more about this powerful real estate broker tool. By positioning themselves as tech-brokers, savvy brokers can elevate their recruitment and retention strategies to the next level.