Having Just A Will Doesn't Avoid Probate!

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Having Just A Will Doesn't Avoid Probate.

A Will just describes the wishes of one’s property distribution to his/her beneficiaries. The best way to share your assets avoiding probate at your death is through Revocable Living Trust. 

The main purpose of it is avoiding probate. This is popular also because it provides privacy of the ownership of the properties in question. Make sure you don't use your own name to the new trust you created to maintain privacy.

Probate process can take years to complete but having a Revocable Living Trust allows distribution to beneficiaries right away.


Disclaimer: We are not attorneys; this post is only just for your information. Contact a licensed attorney for proper guidance. But we are Delaware Trust notaries who can come to your home for trust signing sessions.

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SEESAN, a previously Licensed Real Estate Agent, Commissioned Mobile Notary specializing in Trust/Estate Planning Signings and Reverse Mortgage Loan Signings for seniors. He uses his expertise, knowledge, and experience to help numerous seniors to maintain their security, independance, and dignity. He is a blogger, a seniors advocate and has many years experience in mortgage loan servicing and real estate industries and has  an MBA in business management. He loves what he does and receives much joy with the services  he provides and benefits seniors and their families receive from them. His services also help reverse mortgage lenders to improve the customer experience by offering excellent signing services. He understands the intricacies of a reverse mortgage transaction, the process, and the documents. He will be your trusted partner to build a signing experience customized for lenders' customers.

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Nina Hollander, Broker
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My husband and I are just in the process of updating our wills and deciding if a trust is worth it for us.

Aug 06, 2023 07:35 AM
Seesan Ed
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Both- a will and trust 

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