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What Is The Top Realtor Company In Charlotte, NC?

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The top realtor company in Charlotte, NC, is Showcase Realty. Charlotte Business Journal ranked Showcase Realty at #22 on its list of Charlotte’s Largest Real Estate Agents in 2023.  Founded in 2008, the award-winning team of experienced professionals has helped countless clients. 

Best Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC - Discover the top realtor company in Charlotte, NC - Showcase Realty! Ranked #22 by Charlotte Business Journal, with expert agents committed to excellence.

Showcase Realty’s commitment to excellence starts with its dedicated team of agents. Each agent is knowledgeable and committed to providing outstanding customer service. The team offers up-to-date information about new construction projects and foreclosures. They'll also inform you about other real estate opportunities that may be on the horizon. 

Nancy Braun Real Estate Agent - Searching for the best realtor company in Charlotte, NC? Look no further than Showcase Realty - award-winning and committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Nancy Braun and her team at Showcase Realty offer unparalleled service and expertise. She is also a RamseyTrusted Real Estate Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) by Dave Ramsey. Thus, it should be your first stop when searching for a top realtor company in Charlotte, NC. 

How Can I Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Charlotte, NC?

Finding a good real estate agent in Charlotte, NC, is essential for homebuyers and sellers. 

The first step in finding an excellent real estate agent in Charlotte is to do some research. You should read reviews of different agents and ask around for recommendations. 

Thirty-six percent of sellers use recommendations from friends or family. Additionally, 27% of sellers use an agent they worked with before. 

Take the time to research each potential agent. This can ensure that you find someone with the skills and qualifications needed. 

It’s helpful to look at online listings on sites such as Realtor.com. They may provide detailed information about each agent’s areas of expertise. 

There are real estate agents with a website or social media pages. You can get an idea of what kind of houses they work with and how successful they are at selling them. 

Check out any awards they may have earned. Check any certifications that prove their commitment to excellence in client service. 

Make sure the North Carolina Real Estate Commission licenses your preferred realtor. You will know they meet all legal requirements for working as a real estate agent in Charlotte this way. 

Nancy Braun’s Showcase Realty is one such example of an experienced team. We help clients get the most out of buying or selling property in Charlotte, NC. 

What are the Most Important Qualities that a Realtor Should Have?

Showcase Realty - When it comes to finding the top realtor company in Charlotte, NC, Showcase Realty is a must-see. With a dedicated team of knowledgeable agents, you can trust in their expertise.

The best real estate agents have decades of experience in their respective fields. They know their stuff when it comes to the market. It’s beneficial if they have specialized knowledge in foreclosures or property management. 

Showcase Realty has decades of experience, making them experts in their field. They specialize in buyer’s agents, listing agents, foreclosures, property management, and more. Thus, you’ll know you’re in good hands with this experienced team. 

The leader behind Showcase Realty is Nancy Braun. She spent 12 years working with a brokerage before starting her own company. Clients find great success working with her team. 

Awards are one way to check if a realtor company is a good company. 

Nancy Braun and Showcase Realty have received many awards for their excellent performance. These include: 

  • RealTrends (Wall Street Journal): Top 1% America’s Best Agents category for sales and volume
  • Certified Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
  • The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC)
  • Ranked as among the fastest-growing inner-city businesses in the U.S. in 2014
  • Fortune: Included in the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
  • 2014 Charlotte Business Journal Women in Business Award
  • City of Charlotte Crowns of Enterprise Award
  • Finalist for Charlotte Athena Leadership Award
  • Advisory Council Chairperson for the Federation of REO Certified Experts (FORCE) in 2017
  • Charlotte’s best real estate agents (Charlotte Magazine, Five-Star Estate Agents in Charlotte)
  • Mecklenburg Times: 50 Most Influential Women in Charlotte, May 2017

These awards show how this company continues to set itself apart from others. 

As one of Charlotte’s “50 Most Influential Women”, many renowned Nancy for her insights on real estate. She was in various media outlets for her expertise in the housing market. 

Being tech-savvy is essential for today’s modern real estate agents. Agents must stay updated with the latest tools to help streamline processes. These include listing properties online or creating virtual tours for potential buyers. 

Agents should know how best to use online platforms for advertising listings. 

Communication is vital when it comes to successful real estate transactions. Realtors should be good listeners to understand their client’s wants and needs. They should communicate offers, contracts, and other crucial details. 

They should be able to provide timely updates on market trends and changes. Thus, clients are always kept informed. 

Besides good communication skills, successful realtors also have strong negotiation skills. An experienced negotiator knows how to devise creative solutions. A skilled negotiator is essential in helping buyers meet great deals on homes. 

A great realtor will have an extensive network of contacts in their market. Having connections is essential for smooth transactions. This might include connections to: 

  • appraisers
  • home inspectors
  • mortgage loan officers
  • potential buyers and sellers
  • other agents

Here’s a closer look at some of the areas where Showcase Realty has sold properties: 

This large business district is home to shopping centers and high-end restaurants. The area also has plenty of parks and recreational facilities. This is ideal for families who enjoy the outdoors. 

Myers Park 
Myers Park is one of the most affluent areas in Charlotte, NC. With luxurious homes and tree-lined streets, this neighborhood carries an air of sophistication. This remains popular among families searching for their dream homes. 

Lake Park 
Lake Park is a tranquil community with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Residents can enjoy boating, hiking, swimming, fishing, and more in this beautiful setting. 

Ballantyne, South Charlotte
Ballantyne is a sought-after neighborhood in South Charlotte. It offers a luxurious lifestyle with modern amenities. The upscale neighborhood offers plenty of shops and restaurants. You can take advantage of outdoor activities and exclusive dining experiences. 

Uptown, Charlotte
Uptown offers an unbeatable lifestyle for those who want to live in a walkable city. This area offers exciting nightlife options, great shopping opportunities, and access to restaurants. Uptown residents have access to museums, parks, and entertainment venues. 

Why is Having a Top Realtor Important?

Best Real Estate Agent in Charlotte NC - Looking for the best realtor company in Charlotte, NC? Showcase Realty stands out with its award-winning team and commitment to excellence.

The vast majority of people who buy or sell a home do so with the help of a real estate agent. 86% of buyers and sellers had help from an agent when they bought or sold their homes. 

A good realtor will help you navigate the complex and confusing process of buying or selling a house. They can provide you with valuable advice and insight into current market trends. Thus, helping you decide saves time, money, and stress. 

A knowledgeable realtor understands the local market conditions and has access to data. For example, they know what price range homes sell in Charlotte, NC. They also know the potential pitfalls associated with specific properties. 

Realtors understand that there are various outside factors influencing your decision. This includes things like job security or personal financial goals. Thus, they offer customized plans to meet your objectives. 

Having an experienced professional on your side is invaluable. Realtors are experts in negotiation, and you can count on them to get you the best deal possible. They take care of all the paperwork involved. They also handle disputes or misunderstandings during negotiations between the buyer and seller. 

Top Real Estate Companies in NC - Showcase Realty is the top realtor company in Charlotte, NC. Theyre the clear choice for your real estate needs with experienced agents, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to excellence.


Showcase Realty is the top realtor company in Charlotte, NC. Their brokers are knowledgeable, efficient, and hardworking. They also have great listings, including luxury homes, condominiums, and more. 

Showcase Realty’s world-class service makes them the top realtor company in Charlotte. Nancy Braun is an expert in her field. She has years of experience and a commitment to helping her clients find the perfect home.

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