Movie Star’s Unusual Guesthouse Rental Strategy

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Owners of Dallas properties with guesthouses may have investigated enrolling in Airbnb but might have worried that merely signing up would fail to bring vacationers flocking to their door. Like any other small business venture, competition is always out there. That is one reason why one guesthouse proprietor’s guaranteed success could be of interest—even though that guarantee is based on factors that most Dallas guesthouse owners don’t share.

The successful proprietor’s methodology was publicized a week ago via an exclusive feature appearing on the World Real Estate News—and it stirred up a great deal of interest. The proprietress in question is Gwyneth Paltrow, the movie star and cosmetic/health product CEO whose face and voice keep finding their way into the popular press. Ms. Paltrow found it advantageous to list her Montecito estate’s guesthouse on Airbnb for a limited period (one day, Tuesday, the 15th, to be precise) including promises to personally show up for a nourishing (assumedly delicious) meal, sparkling conversation, a day at her home’s spa, and an abundance of Goop (her lifestyle brand) products. “I’ll be there to greet you upon your arrival,” she pledged, “and ensure you have all the necessities for a comfortable and rejuvenating stay.”

Generously, the proprietress shares credit for the whole “brilliant” idea with Airbnb, with the stated motivation of providing “something to make the world a little less lonely.” Helping to guarantee that is the unmentioned safety aspect, since it seems likely that a fair number of security guards will be there at the rejuvenation, too—at least when Ms. Paltrow is present.

Dallas guesthouse owners who consider adopting the actress’s strategy for guaranteeing a sellout would probably change their minds when they hear one detail that is part of the deal: the day’s rental is being offered for no charge. Although that is sure to attract a crowd of eager applicants, it does create a cash flow conundrum for those Dallas guesthouse owners who aren’t Oscar winners. On the other hand, if part of their motivation is to seek publicity for their product lines, it might make commercial sense, too. For everyone else with Dallas real estate questions, give me a call anytime!

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