What Bathroom Style Fits You?

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Americans spend an average of 600 hours a year in their bathrooms, which equals nearly a month or 98 minutes per day. If you're going to be spending so much time in a room, make sure it's right for you. Bathrooms, fortunately, are one of the most adaptable spaces in your home, with several possibilities ranging from fixtures and showers to tiling and lighting. We created this guide to assist you in determining which bathroom style best suits your needs and personal tastes so that you can plan your bathroom restoration project.

Essential fixtures and features for your bathroom remodel can include showers, bathtubs. sinks & vanities.

The Essentials: Fixtures and Features for Your Bathroom Remodel

Before we get into the general aesthetics and bathroom styles that are ideal for you, we must first discuss the necessities of a bathroom. You're probably well aware of WHY you use your bathroom, but here's a review on the crucial components required for your bathroom remodel.

  • Showers & Bathtubs:

    Whether you like a quick shower or a relaxing bubble bath, your bathing habits will influence your shower and bathtub selection. If you prefer a more functional aesthetic, choose a sleek and modern walk-in shower with frameless glass enclosures. If you're like us, you could opt for a beautiful, standalone bathtub.

  • Vanities and Sinks:

    Even if you're only washing your hands, you'll probably catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror - you want something that shows your personality. For a touch of vintage appeal, use a rustic wooden vanity with a vessel sink if you're a tough outdoorsy type. If you're a stylish professional searching for a modern touch, consider a floating vanity with an under-mount sink.

Essential fixtures for your bathroom remodel include the toilet, tub, and sink.
  • Toilets:

    The toilet, perhaps the focal point of any bathroom, does not have to be boring and uninviting. To create the appearance of space in a small bathroom, consider installing a wall-mounted toilet. Consider a modern, streamlined design with concealed plumbing for a clean and polished appearance.

  • Bathroom Cabinetry:

    Bathroom cabinets are essential to any bathroom remodel since they are both useful and stylish. You may be drawn to the timeless beauty of shaker-style cabinets, which provide versatility and elegance. If you're feeling brave, you could go with open shelves or glass-front cabinets to showcase your carefully collected bathroom supplies.

There are many Aesthetic decisions for you to make with your Bathroom remodel, flooring is just one of them.

Aesthetic Decisions for Your Bathroom

After you've decided on critical bathroom features that suit your lifestyle and demands, you can move on to more enjoyable aesthetic considerations like wall treatment, flooring installation options, and lighting! These items not only contribute to the overall appearance and feel of your bathroom, but they also allow you to truly express your particular style and taste. You'll need to invest time creatively nurturing whether you choose a timeless, elegant style or something striking and current. Here is some ideas to help you take your bathroom design to the next level!

There are many wall treatments to choose for your bathroom remodel, such as subway tiles or wainscoting.

Treat Yourself with Wall Treatments: 3 Timeless Ideas for Your Bathroom

There are numerous ways to add design to your bathroom, ranging from a simple coat of paint to complex tiling. Here are a handful of our personal favorites:

  • Classic Subway Tiles:

    Classic white subway tiles on your bathroom wall cannot go wrong with their clean lines and timeless adaptability. Furthermore, they complement a variety of styles, from old to modern.

  • Beadboard or Wainscoting:

    These traditional decorative wall treatments add texture and character to your bathroom, creating a classy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Mosaic Artistry:

    Mosaic tiles with complicated patterns and motifs are a terrific option for the daring and artistically inclined. Simply the craftsmanship will make your area feel ageless and one-of-a-kind.

Finding your perfect color for your bathroom can be daunting. You can choose from neutral to monochrome colors.

Classic Bathroom Color Scheme Ideas that Fit Anyone's Style

Choosing the right color for your bathroom can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few tried-and-true options.

A timeless blue color scheme in your bathroom evokes calm.
  • Neutral Serenity:

    A neutral color scheme, like a good foundation, allows you to spice things up with your interior decorations. A neutral color palette is also soothing and serene. Soft grays, relaxing beiges, and muted pastels are examples of neutral color palettes.

  • Timeless Blues:

    Aqua and navy are both soothing and relaxing colors. If you enjoy unwinding with a long bath, blue hues are a fantastic choice that may easily compliment your other bathroom décor choices.

  • Elegant Monochrome:

    They say one is the loneliest number, but retiring to the toilet since it's the only place in the house with privacy might not be such a bad thing. A monochromatic color palette is always a safe bet, whether it's all-white, shades of gray, or subtle changes of a single hue.

Timeless bathroom lighting for your remodel.

Timeless Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your Remodel

Lighting is an often ignored aspect of designing and decorating, but the perfect bathroom lights can completely transform and enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom. Here are a few bathroom remodel ideas that we know you'll enjoy.

  • Classic Sconces:

    With tons of designs, wall sconces are an elegant blend that enhances both form and function. Plus, with so many options, you're sure to find something that pairs perfectly with your other ideas.

  • Statement Chandeliers:

    Chandeliers are the ideal finishing touch for a daringly designed bathroom. A chandelier, whether crystal-adorned or futuristic and sculptural, gives an unmistakable flair to your bathroom.

  • Natural Light Embrace:

    A bathroom with strategically placed windows or skylights will provide an abundance of natural light for the minimalist. Soft, natural light coming through your bathroom windows will undoubtedly complement your other aesthetic choices.

Embrace the natural light in your bathroom remodel.

After All That, Do You Know What Bathroom Style Suits You?

With so many different bathroom and design options, your bathroom is truly a blank canvas – why not ensure that every detail matches your own style? If you're going to spend a week of your life in the bathroom every year, it seems silly not to enjoy it.

Every design aspect adds to creating a bathroom that reflects your personality. However, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the options, we'd love to assist you in designing your ideal bathroom! Contact 3Rs Construction, your shower remodeling and bathroom remodel contractor in Salem, OR.

We'll provide you a reasonable time range for our job, and you'll let us know when it's appropriate for us to complete it. Our skilled home improvement contractors will work diligently to complete your kitchen on schedule.

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