Tiktok is banned in the first full state/Kara Swisher

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Years ago one of the most prominent tech reports wrote one of the first stories on the escalation in tech at the time over the installation of Huawei products between the United States and China. Her name is Kara Swisher. We have since seen bans on advanced computer chips being sent to China in recent months.

The concern is the use in A.I. machines to have military capabilities as well as surveillance uses. 

I have dozens of post in my saved draft folder here on ActiveRain. I have been going to write about her for sometime, this draft for years. I start to write out a post and something comes up and I have to get back to it. It seems more than not the idea of a new post takes over and the drafts sit for sometime. 

I finally posted last week my views on TikTok I am not on TikTok and it should be banned ( seem the right time to post this with Kara Swisher having recently put out here book 

I had known of her and admired her interviews with Recode one of the most famous interviews in tech history was her asking Mark Zuckerberg about user privacy. He was sweating so much that she had her mother instincts kick in and felt bad for the guy. 

She to my mind had just as an impactful interview with Zuckerberg years later in 2018 during the free speech debates that continue to go on, where she explained that people meant to lie on his platform and spread the hate that was to come and he was part of it, this was as the Myanmar events had unfolded  

Myanmar: Facebook’s systems promoted violence against Rohingya; Meta owes reparations – new report - Amnesty International

I had to pause watching her recap of her interview where she was interviewed for the

documentary after truth and really think about what she was saying.

There she explained that she just realized while interviewing him

he wasnt suffocated enough to understand. 


-A.I. Images shown are created by me via NightCafe.

She tells of her impactful meeting between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates before Jobs passed away and this help them to have contact and meet again. 

She has been ahead of her time with her reporting before the internet really changed the world.

I am glad to see her get the attention deserved and for her to take the risk to invest in herself with her own podcast independent company owned by her.  It seems our regulators have regulatory capture in my opinion, if you don't think that's the case I encourage you watch Senator Marsha Blackburn plead with Zuckerberg not to send his lobby army after her if they were to legislate big tech.

This is the last platform of questions where we can see any accounting by tech companies are the Kara Swisher calling them out. 

The states attorneys' generals take decades to enforce anything like the tobacco companies when they went after them that was long after known studies of the harm on peoples health.

Blackburn To Zuckerberg, Big Tech CEOs: How Much Is A Child's Life Worth To You? ( 

Restrictions on TikTok in the United States - Wikipedia

Criticism of Huawei - Wikipedia

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