5 Tips to Rekindle the Motivation Within

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This blog is worth a re-blog! We all lose our motivation at times. The key is to recognize what is happening and to determine why it has happened.

Agents work very hard and long hours. Are you taking enough time for yourself? So many struggle to juggle family, work and our own needs throughout life. We are bound to let the daily struggles get us down. 

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Spend a little time every day doing something that makes you happy.
  • Read a novel or part of a novel. Or read a self-help book. 
  • Research a hobby on the Internet. If you don't have hobbies, find one! While the main purpose is to relax and enjoy time doing something other than work, you may find that hobbies can be good for your business as well as for your soul. I enjoy taking sunset pictures. 
  • Plan travel time. Even a day trip with family or friends can help you refocus and regroup. Consider a spa day or a road trip alone to reground yourself.  Short trips can reinvigorate you.
  • Make a bucket list if you don't have one.

I'm leaving Friday for a long road trip for a few weeks by myself and will drive from Florida to North and South Dakota where I will visit many bucket list items and complete my 50-state journey! I'm taking a few cameras with me to photograph then blog the journey. 

Today, for myself, I will head to the pool for an hour swim! 

It doesn't matter what you do with your special time each day. You can even take a nap! Just take care of yourself by spending a little time every day just for yourself.

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5 Tips to Rekindle the Motivation Within


Motivation is the spark that ignites the engine of success and propels you towards your accomplishments.


You've likely felt those quick jolts of motivation after diving into a good book, sitting through a lecture, or getting lost in an uplifting movie. But, let's be real, those fleeting moments aren't going to cut it. We need that fire burning consistently.


Keeping that motivational vibe going all the time is not a walk in the park for most of us. However, continuing to fuel the ambition and desire is key. And a little advice? Motivational articles can be a real game-changer for maintaining that mindset alive and kicking too!


Here are 5 tips to rekindling that motivation within:


1. Determine why you're motivation has waned:


Numerous factors can sap motivation, from disinterest in a task to underlying stress or anxiety. Reflect on when your enthusiasm waned to pinpoint the cause. Recognizing the shift—whether due to an external event or the nature of the work itself—can help identify the root issue. Once you grasp the core problem, tailor your approach; if bored, enhance the task's challenge, or if anxious, seek professional guidance.


Refocus your mindset by recalling why you began this journey. Amid daily routines, we can lose sight of our purpose. Remember your ultimate goal to stay aligned and driven.


2. Identify & WRITE DOWN your goals:

In moments of doubt or disinterest, it's essential to remember why you embarked on this journey. Reflect on your initial ambitions and motivations. Documenting these goals makes them tangible and serves as a reminder of your direction.


Furthermore, having them written down provides a point of reference, ensuring you remain accountable and on track when you might find yourself adrift.


3. Create a game plan and commit to it:

This is one of those pet peeves of mine and I have rallied for plans and goals my entire career! We don’t see Coca-Cola or Apple flying by the seat of their pants or saying, “Oh, my plan is in my head,” do we? Of COURSE NOT! Well, we all run businesses - our own - and all businesses require a PLAN.

A well-defined plan is crucial for sustained motivation. While many embark on journeys with great intent, it's easy to get derailed without a clear roadmap. A plan keeps you dialed in, lets you measure your strides and cultivates discipline. Sure, even top-notch plans can falter but, the key isn't flawlessness; it's persistence. With determination and a bit of foresight, you've got this!



4. Review your plan/goals and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back:


While we're great at cheering on others, we often forget to celebrate our own wins. Review your goals OFTEN and then pause to reflect upon how much ground you've covered. This boosts confidence and sharpens your focus on the endgame.

Why not celebrate your wins? Celebrate in ways that resonate with you - this does not have to be a public display - it’s just for YOU or you and your team. Maybe it's treating yourself to a fabulous meal, or perhaps a quiet moment of introspection. Small victories can feel monumental when we truly reflect upon them. Bottom line? Value your hard work.


5. Find an accountability partner:

It's pure gold to be around others who share your fire. They bring the pep talks, the fresh views and the “Hey, you need to stay the course" nudges that can be game-changers in our businesses. Plus, when you've got people who get your grind, everything feels a tad less overwhelming.

Who are these people? While I know it’s not a popular suggestion, I’ve had tremendous success with coaches. I’ve partnered with local agents and I’ve partnered (and am still partnered) with agents across the country who share my same values and commitment to excellence. That commitment includes business planning, goal-setting and reviews as well as lifting one another up when needed AND celebrating the ‘wins’ together. Trust me, having those go-to partners can be the difference between pushing through and stalling out. #BeenThereDoneThat

Keep pushing—challenges shape legends, right?! Those at the pinnacle? Well, they've weathered storms and bounced back from steep falls but, they stayed anchored to their purpose, committed to setting and reaching goals via a solid plan.

Sure, they say the journey matters more than the endgame but, let's not kid ourselves: it's not a walk in the park. There will absolutely be moments of doubt but, never lose sight of your 'why'. The journey may not always be a piece of cake but, with unwavering focus, you can move mountains.



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George Souto
George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages - Middletown, CT
Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert

Dee Toohey good choice of blogs to re-blog.  All five steps are necessary.  Now the only thing in question is the willingness and commitment to execute.

Aug 22, 2023 01:18 PM
Dee Toohey

Motivation is a tough one. It's all up to you to keep yourself in check and moving forward. Even a slow moving train is stlll progress.

Aug 24, 2023 02:11 PM