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Milford, Massachusetts, is a historically significant city with a diverse geography and a thriving economy. Founded in 1662, the town endured destruction during King Philip's War but quickly recovered.

Situated in Worcester County, Milford spans 14.9 square miles and is intersected by Interstate 495 and several state routes. With a population of 30,379, Milford has experienced substantial economic growth since the opening of Interstate 495 in 1969.

The city offers a range of attractions and activities, including the Upper Charles Bike Trail, CraftRoots Brewing, and the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail.

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Let's explore everything to know about this dynamic town!

History of Milford

Milford, Mass, has a vibrant history that dates back to its early settlement in the 17th century. Initially part of Mendon, the town suffered destruction during King Philip's War in 1676 but was repopulated by colonists just a few years later. The name 'Milford' derives from the river fords along the Mill River, which were well-known and utilized by both Native Americans and the early white settlers.

Incorporated as a town in 1780, Milford has multiplied over the years, becoming a thriving community within Worcester County. The town's geographic location and important transportation routes like Interstate 495 and the Charles River have contributed to its continued growth and prosperity.

Throughout its history, Milford has seen significant development and expansion, partly driven by its robust economy. The opening of Interstate 495 in 1969 brought substantial retail establishments to the area, further boosting economic growth and providing residents with a wide range of shopping options.

Today, Milford's history remains alive through its preserved colonial buildings, historical landmarks, and rich heritage. Visitors and residents can explore the town's past through museums, interpretive sites, and community events.

  • Early Settlement and Native American Influence
  • Incorporation and Growth of Milford
  • Geography and Location of Milford
  • Importance of Milford's River Crossings

Early Settlement and Native American Influence

The early settlement of Milford, Massachusetts, dates back to its incorporation in 1662. However, even before the arrival of European settlers, the area was inhabited by Native American tribes, including the Nipmuc people. The Nipmuc influence can still be seen today in the town's cultural heritage.

The Native Americans in the region were familiar with the river crossings over the Mill River, which eventually gave Milford its name. These crossings became vital routes for the early white settlers as well. The first colonial settlers arrived in the early 1680s, reclaiming the land after the devastating King Philip's War.

The interaction between the early settlers and the Native Americans shaped the town's history. The Nipmuc people, like many other Native American tribes, contributed to the region's rich cultural fabric through their customs, traditions, and knowledge of the land.

The legacy of Native American influence can be discovered through various historical sites, cultural events, and artifacts found in and around Milford. Exploring the town's early settlement and Native American heritage allows visitors and residents alike to appreciate Milford, Massachusetts's diverse history and multicultural roots.

Incorporation and Growth of Milford

Milford, Massachusetts, was officially incorporated as a town in 1780, marking a significant milestone in its history. From its early days, Milford experienced rapid growth and development. The city attracted settlers drawn to its strategic location and natural resources. The construction of mills along the Mill River played a crucial role in driving economic growth.

The establishment of Milford as a hub of industry and commerce continued throughout the 19th century. The rise of manufacturing, particularly in the textile industry, propelled the town's prosperity. Milford became known for producing boots and shoes, with numerous factories contributing to the flourishing industry.

As the town thrived, its population grew, and with it came the need for modern infrastructure and public services. The expansion of transportation networks, including the development of railway lines and the opening of major highways like Interstate 495, facilitated the flow of goods and people, further fueling Milford's progress.

Over the years, Milford has embraced its rich history while giving opportunities for advancement. The town's commitment to preserving its heritage can be seen in its well-preserved historic buildings and landmarks.

Today, Milford continues to evolve as a dynamic community, offering a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities that cater to the needs and interests of its residents.

Geography and Location of Milford

Milford is situated in Worcester County, Massachusetts, with a total area of 14.9 square miles. The city is conveniently located along Interstate 495, providing easy access to major regional cities. Several state routes also traverse the site, facilitating transportation within and beyond Milford.

It borders Upton to the West, Hopedale to the South West, Hopkinton to the North, and Holliston and Medway to the East.

One of the notable geographical features of Milford is its connection to the Charles River. The river serves as a vital waterway and drains the city. Its presence enhances Milford's scenic beauty and offers recreational opportunities.

With its diverse geography, Milford boasts a blend of natural landscapes. The city features beautiful parks, green spaces, and trails, including the renowned Upper Charles Bike Trail. This trail provides a picturesque route for biking enthusiasts to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

Apart from its natural surroundings, Milford is also known for its rich history and charming architecture. The city has various historical sites and landmarks that highlight its cultural heritage. Visitors can explore these sites and immerse themselves in the city's captivating past.

Milford's geographical location, encompassing the Charles River and its convenient connectivity through major highways, makes it an accessible and visually appealing destination.

The city's natural beauty and historical significance provide residents and visitors unique experiences to explore and enjoy.

Milford Real Estate and Housing

One of the excellent features of Milford is the more affordable housing prices compared to neighboring towns. Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for your first place to call home or someone looking to get a larger home for the money, Milford is a terrific option.

There are various housing types in popular developments, from condos to village colonials to luxury homes.

The price point of the bulk of homes in Milford ranges between $400,000-$600,000. If you need a Milford Realtor, don't hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Importance of Milford's River Crossings

Milford's river crossings hold significant historical and practical importance for the city. These crossings, specifically the fords of the Mill River, were not only recognized by Native Americans but also utilized by the early white settlers. 'Milford' pays homage to these river crossings and their vital role in the city's development.

The river crossings were crucial in establishing trade routes and transportation networks, connecting Milford with other nearby settlements. They facilitated the movement of goods, people, and ideas, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the community.

Even today, the river crossings are essential for Milford's infrastructure. They provide transportation routes for daily commuters, offer access to different parts of the city, and support local businesses.

Additionally, the proximity to these river crossings has influenced the development and location of important landmarks and establishments, including commercial areas and recreational spaces. The river crossings are landmarks, marking Milford's historical significance and natural beauty.

  • Facilitated trade and transportation networks
  • Connected Milford with other settlements
  • Vital for daily commuting and access to different parts of the city
  • Influenced the location of important landmarks and establishments

Economic Development of Milford

The town has experienced significant economic growth over the years, fueled by various factors. The opening of Interstate 495 in 1969 played a crucial role in attracting businesses and driving commerce in the city. The convenient interstate access has established numerous significant retailers and industries within Milford.

With a thriving economy, Milford has become a destination for businesses looking to expand and prosper. The city's strategic location and transportation infrastructure have facilitated trade and commerce, contributing to its economic development.

In recent years, Milford has seen the emergence of diverse retail options, providing residents and visitors with a wide range of shopping experiences. These establishments have created employment opportunities for the local workforce and bolstered the city's revenue through increased tax contributions.

Milford's business-friendly environment and growing economy have attracted small and large corporations, fostering a vibrant and dynamic commercial landscape.

As the city continues to experience economic growth, there remains a focus on sustainable development and fostering a business environment that benefits both the community and the local economy.

  • Opening of Interstate 495
  • Attracting major retailers and industries
  • Diverse retail options
  • Employment opportunities
  • Business-friendly environment

Impact of Interstate 495 on Milford's Economy

The construction and opening of Interstate 495 in 1969 brought significant economic opportunities to Milford. This major highway, running through the city's heart, connected Milford to other critical regions of Massachusetts and beyond. The improved accessibility and transportation infrastructure provided by Interstate 495 attracted businesses and industries to the area, fueling economic growth and prosperity.

The presence of Interstate 495 created a favorable environment for establishing numerous major retailers and businesses in Milford. The easy access to the highway allowed these enterprises to distribute their products and services throughout the region efficiently. As a result, the local economy flourished, generating employment opportunities and contributing to the city's overall development.

Furthermore, the convenient transportation connections facilitated the growth of Milford as a commercial hub, attracting consumers from neighboring towns and cities. The increased flow of visitors brought revenue and boosted the local retail and hospitality sectors.

Additionally, the highway brought in investments and encouraged expanding existing businesses, further diversifying the economy and enhancing the city's overall economic stability.

Overall, the construction of Interstate 495 has had a transformative impact on Milford's economy. It has provided the city valuable connectivity, attracting businesses, stimulating growth, and enhancing the community's overall prosperity.

Major Retailers and Businesses in Milford

Milford, Massachusetts, has a vibrant local economy with significant retailers and businesses. Whether looking for shopping opportunities or professional services, Milford has something for everyone.

For those seeking retail therapy, Milford boasts a variety of shopping options. The Milford Crossing shopping center is a popular destination, featuring well-known retailers such as Target, HomeGoods, and Marshalls. It's the perfect place to find the latest fashion trends, home decor, and more.

In addition to retail, Milford offers diverse businesses and services to cater to the community's needs. There is no shortage of options, from professional services like financial institutions, insurance agencies, and law firms to health and wellness providers such as gyms, yoga studios, and spas.

Moreover, dining options abound in Milford, with various restaurants and eateries offering different cuisines to tantalize your taste buds. From cozy cafes and family-friendly diners to upscale eateries and ethnic restaurants, you'll find a culinary experience that suits your preferences.

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, you'll appreciate the convenience and variety of major retailers and businesses in Milford. From shopping centers to local establishments, this Massachusetts city has plenty to offer regarding retail therapy, professional services, and delectable dining experiences.

Local Government and Civic Engagement in Milford

The town boasts a local government system that encourages civic engagement and empowers its residents to shape the community actively. As a representative town meeting system, Milford gives its elected citizens a platform to voice their opinions and influence decisions affecting the town.

At the forefront of Milford's governance structure is the Board of Selectmen, responsible for overseeing the town's affairs and ensuring the proper functioning of local government. They work alongside essential bodies like the Town Administrator, Planning Board, and Finance Committee to drive progress and address community needs effectively.

In Milford, civic engagement goes beyond formal meetings and committees. The town organizes various community events and workshops to encourage residents' active participation. These events allow community members to unite, exchange ideas, and contribute to the town's growth.

Milford also emphasizes transparency and communication. The government leverages modern technologies to inform residents about town developments, initiatives, and essential matters. Official websites, social media platforms, and local media outlets are crucial in disseminating information to the Milford community.

By fostering a civic engagement and open communication culture, Milford empowers its residents to play an integral part in local decision-making processes. Through active involvement and collaboration, the community continues to thrive and shape the future of Milford, Massachusetts.

Education System in Milford

Milford takes great pride in its education system, providing a solid foundation for students to thrive academically and personally. The Milford Public Schools serve the city, which operates six public schools catering to different grade levels.

These schools offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the diverse needs of students. With dedicated educators and staff, Milford Public Schools strive to foster a supportive and engaging learning environment.

In addition to the public schools, Milford is also eligible for enrollment in the prestigious Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. This vocational school offers specialized programs that prepare students for various career paths.

Parents and students in Milford can expect a commitment to excellence in education, focusing on academic achievement, character development, and students' overall well-being. The school system emphasizes collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

With a robust education system, Milford equips future generations with the knowledge and skills necessary for a bright and prosperous future.

Public Schools in Milford

Milford takes pride in its comprehensive public school system, offering quality education to its residents. The town operates six public schools, providing kindergarten through grade 12 education.

The elementary schools in Milford focus on cultivating a solid foundation for young learners. Students develop essential literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking skills with dedicated teachers and engaging curriculums.

Middle school is a transitional phase where students build upon their foundational knowledge and explore various subjects more deeply. They receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for high school.

Milford High School is a primary and secondary school offering diverse academic and extracurricular programs. Students can access advanced placement and honors courses, allowing them to pursue rigorous educational paths. The school also fosters a vibrant arts and athletic community, encouraging students to explore their talents and interests.

The public schools in Milford prioritize student success, providing a supportive environment for learning and growth. With a commitment to excellence in education, Milford equips its students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the competitive world.

Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School, located in Upton, Massachusetts, is a prominent educational institution that offers specialized vocational and technical training to students in the region.

Committed to providing a comprehensive and practical learning experience, this school equips students with valuable skills to succeed in various industries.

At Blackstone Valley Vocational Tech, students can explore various vocational programs, including engineering, automotive technology, culinary arts, health services, etc. These programs emphasize hands-on learning, allowing students to gain practical experience and develop proficiency in their chosen field.

With state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated instructors, Blackstone Valley Vocational Tech prioritizes the success and growth of its students. The school's curriculum combines academic knowledge with technical proficiency, preparing students for higher education and the workforce.

As an integral part of the Milford community, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School fosters community and collaboration among its students. It promotes extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams, allowing students to develop leadership skills and engage in teamwork.

By offering specialized vocational and technical training, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School plays a crucial role in shaping the future workforce of Milford, Massachusetts, and beyond. It provides students with a strong foundation for success in their chosen careers and serves as a reputable institution in vocational education.

Media and Communications in Milford

Milford boasts a vibrant media landscape, providing residents and visitors with various sources of information and entertainment. The town is served by the renowned Milford Daily News, a trusted daily newspaper that informs the community about local news, events, and developments.

Staying connected and up-to-date is made easy through radio stations such as WMRC 1490-AM and MyFM 101.3 FM, which deliver diverse music, news, and engaging shows.

Furthermore, Milford is proud to have two public-access television stations. These cable channels offer a platform for educational, informative, and government-related programming, allowing residents to be well-informed about local affairs.

With many media options, Milford ensures its residents can access a wide range of information and entertainment. Whether through the trusted Milford Daily News, engaging radio stations, or informative public access television, the town's media and communications landscape keeps the community connected and informed.

Milford Daily News and Other Local Media

Milford, Massachusetts, is served by a vibrant local media landscape that keeps residents and visitors well-informed about the latest news and events. At the heart of it is the Milford Daily News, the city's premier daily newspaper. With its comprehensive coverage of local news, sports, and community events, the Milford Daily News is a valuable resource for staying connected with the city's pulse.

Whether through print, radio, or television, the local media in Milford plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community and keeping residents informed about local news, events, and issues.

Popular Attractions and Activities in Milford

Milford offers many attractions and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether seeking outdoor adventures or cultural experiences, Milford has something for everyone.

Exploring the Upper Charles Bike Trail

The Upper Charles Bike Trail is a must-visit for nature and biking enthusiasts. This scenic trail provides a beautiful pathway through picturesque landscapes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Milford's natural surroundings.

CraftRoots Brewing: A Hub for Entertainment and Philanthropy

If you're a craft beer and live entertainment fan, don't miss out on visiting CraftRoots Brewing. This local brewery offers various delicious brews and hosts live events and charitable initiatives, allowing you to enjoy a great beer while supporting a good cause.

Outdoor Adventure at the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail

For thrill-seekers and mountain biking enthusiasts, the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail is a must-see attraction. Considered one of the top mountain biking destinations in the Northeast, this trail offers exciting trails and challenging terrains for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Religious Institutions and Antique Shops in Milford

If you're interested in history and culture, Milford's religious institutions and antique shops are worth exploring. Visit the charming churches and browse the unique antique shops to discover hidden treasures and immerse yourself in Milford's rich heritage.

Social and Recreational Centers in Milford

Milford offers a range of social and recreational centers for individuals and families to enjoy. You'll never run out of entertainment options in this vibrant city, from community centers with various activities to game centers for some friendly competition.

Dining and Entertainment Options in Milford

Regarding dining and entertainment, Milford has a diverse selection to satisfy any palate. Explore the local culinary scene, from cozy Italian wine bars to sports bars offering delicious food and a lively atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in Milford's charm and discover all the exciting attractions and activities this bustling city offers.

Some notable restaurants include the following:

  • Prezzo's Bar and Grill
  • Alcapulcos
  • Depot Street Tavern
  • Trattoria 89
  • Caffe Sorrento
  • Red Heat Tavern
  • The Milford Mandarin
  • The 99

Exploring the Upper Charles Bike Trail

The Upper Charles Bike Trail is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Milford, Massachusetts. This scenic trail offers a beautiful and immersive natural experience, perfect for biking, walking, or jogging.

Stretching for several miles, the trail winds through lush forests alongside the Charles River, providing breathtaking views. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the Upper Charles Bike Trail offers a well-maintained path suitable for all skill levels.

As you explore the trail, you'll encounter various points of interest and attractions. Take a break at one of the rest areas or picnic spots to admire the tranquil surroundings. The trail is also known for its vibrant wildlife, so watch for birds, deer, and other fascinating creatures.

In addition to its natural beauty, the Upper Charles Bike Trail provides convenient access to nearby amenities. You'll find parking areas, trailheads, bike rental shops, and local businesses offering refreshments for your journey.

Whether seeking a peaceful escape or an active adventure, the Upper Charles Bike Trail is a gem waiting to be discovered in Milford. So grab your bike, pack a picnic, and immerse yourself in the natural splendor of this remarkable trail.

CraftRoots Brewing: A Hub for Entertainment and Philanthropy

CraftRoots Brewing is a must-visit destination in Milford, Massachusetts, offering a unique blend of entertainment and community engagement. This local brewery is deeply committed to promoting the arts and supporting charitable causes, making it a hub for beer enthusiasts and philanthropists.

At CraftRoots Brewing, you can enjoy a wide selection of handcrafted beers that reflect the rich brewing traditions of New England. From hop-forward IPAs to smooth stouts and refreshing ales, their expertly brewed beverages cater to all tastes. The brewery also hosts live entertainment events featuring local musicians and artists, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere for visitors.

What sets CraftRoots Brewing apart is its dedication to giving back to the community. They frequently organize events and fundraisers, donating some of their proceeds to local nonprofits and charitable organizations. By supporting CraftRoots Brewing, you are indulging in great beer and contributing to the betterment of Milford and its surrounding areas.

Located in the heart of Milford, CraftRoots Brewing is easily accessible and provides a welcoming environment for friends, families, and beer enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking to explore the local craft beer scene, enjoy live entertainment, or contribute to worthy causes, CraftRoots Brewing is a must-visit destination during your time in Milford, Massachusetts.

Outdoor Adventure at the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail

If you are an outdoor enthusiast seeking an adrenaline-pumping experience in Milford, look no further than the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail. This trail, regarded as one of the Northeast's premier mountain biking destinations, offers a thrilling adventure for bikers of all skill levels.

Tucked away in the picturesque landscape of Milford, the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail boasts a network of meticulously maintained trails that wind through lush forests and scenic terrain. As you navigate the course, you'll be surrounded by stunning natural beauty and encounter exhilarating twists, turns, and obstacles.

What sets the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail apart is its diverse range of trails, catering to beginners and experienced bikers. If you're new to mountain biking, you can start with the more accessible trails that provide a gentle introduction to this exciting sport. For seasoned riders looking for a challenge, the course offers advanced routes that will put your skills to the test.

  • Test your mettle on technical descents and tight switchbacks.
  • Feel the rush as you conquer steep inclines and navigate rocky terrains.
  • Soak in breathtaking views as you ride through the pristine wilderness.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of nature during the fall foliage season.
  • Experience the thrill of flying down thrilling downhill sections.

Whether you're an avid mountain biker or a novice looking to explore a new adventure, the Vietnam Mountain Biking Trail offers an unforgettable experience. So gear up, hop on your bike, and prepare for an outdoor escapade like no other in Milford.

Religious Institutions and Antique Shops in Milford

Milford is home to diverse religious institutions and quaint antique shops, offering visitors and residents a unique cultural experience. Explore Milford's rich history and spiritual offerings by visiting various religious establishments.

  • Saint Mary of the Assumption Church: This historic Catholic church has been a cornerstone of the community since its establishment in the 19th century. Experience the beauty of its architecture and attend Mass to immerse yourself in the local religious traditions.
  • First Unitarian Universalist Church: Known for its welcoming and inclusive congregation, this church embraces diverse spiritual beliefs. Attend a service or participate in community events to engage with the local community.
  • Temple Beth Shalom: Providing a place of worship for the Jewish community, this synagogue offers religious services, educational programs, and cultural events. Learn about Jewish traditions and engage with the vibrant local Jewish community.

In addition to its religious institutions, Milford boasts several charming antique shops where history enthusiasts and collectors can find unique treasures:

  • Antique Emporium: Explore a wide range of vintage and antique items at this beloved antique shop, from furniture to artwork. Discover hidden gems and add character to your home with their exquisite collection.
  • The Vintage Market: Step into the past at this curated vintage shop featuring a carefully selected assortment of retro clothing, accessories, and home decor. Unearth one-of-a-kind pieces that will transport you to a bygone era.
  • Old Milford Collectibles: Delve into nostalgia at this quaint collectibles store, offering a variety of vintage toys, comics, and memorabilia. Whether you're a seasoned collector or seeking a unique gift, this shop has something for everyone.

Experience Milford's cultural richness and historical charm by exploring its religious institutions and antique shops. Embrace the local traditions, find hidden treasures, and immerse yourself in the vibrant community of this Massachusetts gem.

Social and Recreational Centers in Milford

Milford offers a variety of social and recreational centers for residents and visitors to enjoy. Whether you're looking for a place to relax, have fun, or meet new people, Milford has something to offer.

One popular center in town is the Milford Youth Center. This facility provides a safe and supervised environment for young people to engage in recreational activities, such as sports, games, and educational programs. It also offers various resources and support services for youth and families in the community.

The Milford Performing Arts Center is the place for those interested in cultural and artistic pursuits. This vibrant venue hosts various performances, including concerts, plays, dance shows, and more. It serves as a hub for local talent and provides entertainment options for people of all ages.

  • If you're a fitness enthusiast or enjoy staying active, the Milford Fitness Center is the perfect spot. This fully-equipped gym offers state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of exercise classes to help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Another popular social center in Milford is the Community Center, which offers various activities and programs for individuals of all ages. Something always happens at the Community Center, from fitness classes and sports leagues to art workshops and social gatherings.

In addition to these centers, Milford boasts various parks, recreational areas, and clubs where residents can enjoy outdoor activities, join community groups, and participate in local events.

With its diverse array of social and recreational centers, Milford, Massachusetts, provides ample opportunities for residents and visitors to engage in meaningful social interactions, pursue their interests, and enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere.

Dining and Entertainment Options in Milford

Milford offers a variety of dining and entertainment options to satisfy every taste and interest. Whether you're looking for a casual dining experience or a more upscale culinary adventure, Milford has a range of restaurants.

Several authentic Italian restaurants are in town for those craving delicious Italian cuisine. Indulge in mouthwatering pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and delectable seafood specialties that will transport you to the heart of Italy.

If you're in the mood for American classics, Milford has plenty of options. Treat yourself to juicy burgers, tender steaks, and fresh seafood at local grill houses and steakhouses. You can also find cozy cafes and diners that serve comforting breakfast and brunch favorites.

When it comes to entertainment, Milford has something for everyone. Enjoy live music performances, comedy shows, and theater productions at various venues throughout the city. Sports enthusiasts can catch the latest game and root for their favorite team at lively sports bars.

In addition to dining and entertainment, Milford offers a vibrant nightlife scene. Explore trendy bars and lounges where you can unwind with a craft cocktail or dance to live DJs and bands the night away.

Whether you're seeking a memorable dining experience or a night of fun and entertainment, Milford has diverse options to cater to your preferences. Discover the hidden culinary gems and vibrant entertainment venues that make Milford a must-visit destination in Massachusetts.

  • Experience authentic Italian cuisine at local Italian restaurants.
  • Indulge in American classics at grill houses and steakhouses.
  • Enjoy cozy cafes and diners for breakfast and brunch favorites.
  • Attend live music performances, comedy shows, and theater productions.
  • Cheer for your favorite team at lively sports bars.
  • Unwind at trendy bars and lounges with craft cocktails.
  • Dance the night away to live DJs and bands.

Final Thoughts

As a thirty-seven-year Realtor, I've always enjoyed selling homes in town. It is a more affordable community than many of the other surrounding towns. It is an excellent place to call home for those with a smaller budget.

I've lived in neighboring Hopkinton (now in Milford) most of my life. So, if you need an expert Hopkinton Realtor, I would love to help.

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