Retaining Home Values - What areas need attention!

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I wondered as I gather more information about my area if any real estate professional can offer guidelines on retaining home value.  I always judge properties based on the kitchen and bathrooms.  If they appear to be a in decent condition and/or have been recently renovated I might give that a home a more closer look than other properties that are lacking in upkeep of these key areas.  So my question is, Are these really the areas that help retain a home's value?  Kitchens and bathrooms or is there more to look at and evaluate.  I would like to provide my client's with a checklist of areas to pay special attention to when buying and help seller's focus their effort on maintaining for sale. So any feedback will be greatly appreciated.




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Sparkle clean, any property, auto or any thing else looks and feels completely different when it is shiny clean! Deferred maintenance is a killer, along with clutter.


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Jul 06, 2008 07:11 AM