What’s the Best Option for Outdoor Countertops?

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It takes a lot of work to design the ideal backyard paradise in Salem, Oregon. Every little thing counts, so unless you prefer relaxing over taking on numerous projects, you want to get it right the first time. The utility and beauty of your outdoor living space are both improved by countertops, which are essential to your quality of life outside. This article will assist you in selecting the ideal outdoor countertop for your area.

How to choose your outdoor countertops in Salem, OR.

What kind of substances are suitable for outdoor countertops?

You should keep in mind that they will be subject to the elements while picking the ideal outdoor countertops for you. Even if style is crucial, utility may come first. How long your countertops will survive when exposed to sunlight, rain, temperature changes, and the occasional spilt beverage depends on the material you choose. As we'll explain below, we advise you to look at materials like steel, granite, quartz, tile, or concrete.

Using quartz for your outdoor countertop requires minimal maintenance.

Solid Surfaces — Our Favorite Materials for Outdoor Countertops!

Solid surface countertops are the go-to countertop installation option for 3Rs Construction & Remodeling because they are stylish and seamless. Due to their non-porous nature, which prevents moss from growing (see why below), they are highly popular in Salem for outdoor living spaces. Additionally, this makes them very easy to clean and highly durable! Here are some of our best countertop picks. 

  • Countertops made of Treated Granite are naturally beautiful and ageless. However, because of their small porosity, be careful to treat them to increase their built-in resistance to the weather.
    Fans of a "natural" appearance, ideally with lots of exposure to sunshine, should choose this option.
  • Quartz countertops are a terrific option for the practical person because they have a non-porous surface and require no maintenance.
    Best Option For: People who don't want a lot of maintenance, dim or wet areas

Tile outdoor countertops are versatile with a lot of design options to choose from.

  • Tile countertops are adaptable and provide a variety of design options, but it's important to choose tiles that are weather-resistant and to follow sealing instructions precisely for long-lasting durability.
    The best option for: those who adore the design possibilities of tiles and certain color palettes
  • Concrete countertops have a striking, vintage appearance that goes well with outdoor areas. Although they will need to be treated, they are renowned for their durability.
    Best Option: a striking, contemporary setting

Moss is an outdoor counter top killer.

Moss: The Outdoor Countertop Killer!

One of the main dangers to the durability of the countertops in your outdoor haven is moss. Even though the delicate green material looks good. Here are a few explanations:

  • Moss traps moisture, which encourages the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other organic materials. Talk about a germ factory!
  • Your preferred outdoor countertop will start to disintegrate once moss gets inside of it. Cracking, thinning, and discoloration result from this.
  • When moist or humid, moss becomes slick and dangerous. You didn't intend to put your drink down, did you?

Materials such as natural stone, untreated concrete and wood will grow moss.

What Sorts of Materials Support Moss Growth?

We advise you to stay away from these materials while selecting the ideal solution for your outdoor countertops. In general, you should stay away from porous materials like these choices. At all costs, I mean, avoid them!

  • Natural Stone:

    Natural stone, such as limestone and sandstone, has a porous surface that absorbs and retains moisture.

  • Untreated Concrete:

    While concrete is a great option, if it is left untreated, the surface provides a great habitat for moss to grow — especially if exposed to consistent moisture and shade.

  • Wood:

    Untreated Wooden surfaces are prone to becoming damp and fostering moss growth. If you go with wood, make sure it gets treated!

  • Grout and Tile:

    Porous grout lines can trap moisture, allowing moss to develop in the crevices. Gross!

Begin your Salem outdoor living today.

What Are the Best Outdoor Countertop Options for My Backyard?

In order to select the ideal outdoor countertops for your area or outdoor kitchen, pragmatism and enthusiasm must coexist. You want your room to appear just how you've always imagined it while still being designed to last.

Make sure you take into account crucial elements including the amount of sunlight, moisture exposure, and temperature changes. Avoid porous materials like natural stone and wood, and be careful to treat your concrete, unless you want to have to recreate this project in a few years due to moss infestation. Steel, treated granite and concrete, quartz, and tile are materials that 3Rs Construction & Remodeling highly suggests for your outdoor worktops since they provide a sturdy surface that is likely to survive.

We would be pleased to assist you if you are prepared to start your Salem outdoor living backyard makeover project.

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Duane West ,  Nice post about outdoor countertops.  We favor tile and terra cotta pavers here for surfaces.  Moss is not a factor when you live in the desert!  Have a great week!  Kathy

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