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Welcome to First Response Resolution, LLC’s official blog! We are a specialty tax firm practicing in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. The focus of my practice is solving tax problems for individuals and businesses, IRS Representation of taxpayers, and representing taxpayers before their individual State Departments of Revenue. These services are referred to in many ways such as Tax Problem Resolution, Tax Relief Services, Tax Resolution, IRS Resolution, Tax Controversy, etc. Think of our firm as your Financial First Responders who specialize in saving troubled taxpayers. We help people who are struggling with tax problems get their lives back on track so they can focus on what matters most to them.

In this blog post we will be discussing the importance of IRS Transcripts and the value of having a competent professional obtain and evaluate your case history through an IRS Transcript Analysis. Have you been charged with IRS Penalties and Interest in the past? Have you failed to file your tax returns on time? Have you failed to pay your taxes on time? There may be opportunities existing that pertain to tax years dating back to the year 2000! Do you have an old tax debt with the IRS that may have expired? We can evaluate your various Collection Statute Expiration Dates to determine if the tax debt is no longer legally enforceable!

We specialize in solving tax problems. Depending on your history with the IRS, we may be able to abate penalties that the IRS charged, even if they have already been paid years ago! There are rules around the timing and eligibility of refunds. Are you eligible for a refund of a penalty that you previously paid? Do you have current tax years with balances due? We may be able to have penalties abated from as far back as the year 2000 that can be applied towards your current tax debt, even if the refund statute has expired! There is only one way to find out and that is by conducting an analysis of your IRS Transcripts.

Penalties and Interest can easily double your tax liability if left to fester for long enough. We can evaluate your case history and determine if, based on your specific circumstances, you qualify for penalty abatement. There are many avenues through which taxpayers MAY qualify for abatement of penalties. Calling the IRS or dealing with them through the mail can be daunting and consume significant periods of time. When you have significant tax liabilities or large penalties, it is in your best interest to engage the services of an experienced tax professional who knows the ins and outs of IRS procedures.

The IRS and taxes in general can be complicated and intimidating. If you have received IRS Notices regarding back taxes owed and are facing potential Tax Liens and Levies, it is well advised to seek competent representation when dealing with the IRS. Most people would not go to court and face litigation without an attorney, and it is in your best interest to engage a qualified representative to deal with the IRS on your behalf. If you or someone you know is in the midst of an IRS issue, contact me at either 541-293-8449, by email at, or through our website. We specialize in solving tax problems! We know how to defend taxpayer rights and will thoroughly investigate and evaluate your specific situation and consider ALL OPTIONS available to you. All discussions are kept strictly confidential, and we offer no obligation initial consultations of up to one hour.

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