"Going Green" Around Your Farm

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"Going green" aroung the farm doesn't have to be as extreme as you might imagine. By making a few small changes, your farm's environmental footprint can be reduced.

1. We've all heard about replacing standard light bulbs in your home with compact flourescent light(CFL) bulbs, but don't forget the barn. Because your barn may contain even more bulbs than your home and many hard to reach light fixtures, switching to CFL's will reduce changing frequencies and save energy.

2. Install timers on outdoor lights to come on at dusk and go off at dawn.

3. If building a new barn or indoor arena, use skylights to take advantage of natural light and install solar panels to heat water for barn wash areas.

4. Have recycling bins in specific areas for aluminum and plastics.

5. Use native plants in landscaping around your barn. They require less watering.

6. If possible, buy local hay and bedding.

7. Limit use of pesticides, use only when necessary.

8. If space allows, compost bedding.

9. Check both indoor and outdoor faucets for drips. One drip per second can waste more than 5,000 gallons of water per year.

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Christina Cavins
Irongate Inc. REALTORS - Centerville, OH
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Fantastic post Kelly! These are things you wouldn't normally think to do in a farm setting!


Jul 06, 2008 07:52 AM
Kelly Parks, M.S.
Paris Gibson Realty - Great Falls, MT

Hi Kelly,

Excellent post.  I have actually moved my real estate office to the laboratory at my stable and I didn't even think about the timers on outside lights.  I have gone with the light bulbs, but always forget to tun off the outside lights.  Thanks for the great energy saving tip.  I use recycled paper at the office, since we use so much paper these days, but I am now analyzing everything thanks to this post.

Thank you again,

Kelly Parks

Aug 07, 2008 05:50 PM