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Driving through scattered thunderstorms, I found myself again on the highway following a very slow car. Why were they in the fast lane? Why wouldn’t they move over? Didn’t they see me back here?


My frustration growing, the thoughts began to race through my head. My friend, Moira, with a glimmer in her eye, once told me that when I get frustrated in traffic and start cursing at the cars, I should say a Hail Mary each time I curse. I called her one day to tell her that thanks to her suggestion, I had completed at least two decades of the Rosary.

Then the conversation with my daughter who is learning Dutch via Duolingo flashed into my head. I asked her to say a sentence out loud from her current assignment, which made her laugh because the sentence had no bearing on the conversation she and I were having. “Je bent langzaam, net zoals een schildpad.” Translation?  You are slow, just like a turtle.

I relayed what I could remember of that sentence to my sister the next day. I told her I could say LANGZAAM SCHILDPAD to cars in traffic that were annoying, but the tone I used when I said it to her resulted in her saying, “Better start a Hail Mary now.” I reminded her that it wasn’t a curse, but she laughingly reminded me that given the tone I had used, it sure sounded like a curse.

Now those thoughts came back to me. Langzaam schildpad though that car was, it was up to me how I handled the situation. My goal? Not to drive reckless but also not to let the storm slow me to a crawl. My choices? To remain behind the slow schildpad, errrr, car, growing more frustrated OR to move to the right and navigate my way to a clearer spot in the traffic.

How often do we find ourselves in those frustrating moments in life? Not just in traffic but in our real estate transactions. Everyone coming at you simultaneously for things they need, a co-broke who won’t complete paperwork, a client who doesn’t seem to understand the best way to get information to you, an attorney who doesn’t seem to be listening to you, and I’m sure you can keep adding to the list. To stay firmly entrenched where you are might not be the best way to get to your goals. Take a step back. Analyze. What is it you’re trying to accomplish? Is there an alternate route? Do you need to go so far as to having someone else take the wheel for you? Would it at least be helpful to have a trusted mentor help assess what you’re in the midst of so they might help you improve the outcome? Do you possibly need to educate yourself better about the situation?


Take a step back. Who knows? You might be the langzaam schildpad for someone else! It would be nice if they didn’t run you over, right?

Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393

Hello Monica - people find what works for them.  In the moment.  Or for a bit longer.  And they stick with it. 

Kinda like a mindfulness cruise control of sorts.    Sometimes they signal or swerve in another direction.  It's interesting to look at what drives them.  Us too.  In so many ways.  

Sep 12, 2023 06:16 AM
Monica Hill
RE/Max Associates - Wilmington, DE
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I like that, Michael. Mindfulness cruise control. Thanks!

Sep 12, 2023 07:38 AM