Exclusive Business Financing: Unlock Up to $7.5 Million in Private Capital!

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Exclusive Business Financing: Unlock Up to $7.5 Million in Private Capital!

That’s right-no real estate required! This is something I have wanted for a long time to cut through the red tape of government loans and get money to the people making it happen. Now I have it! Here are the details:

- Loan size ranges from $500k - $7.5M to companies incorporated and located in the US and that have $1M or more in annual revenue and positive net income

- Average time to close-Three (3) weeks to underwrite and fund a loan

- We lend to all industries except restaurants, construction projects, and residential real estate

- We offer loans for working capital, equipment financing, factoring acquisitions, partner buyouts, and bridge loans

- The collateral is a UCC on the business and a personal guarantee of the owner(s) of the business- NO REAL ESTATE REQUIRED

- Loans have 14-18% interest and 6 – 30 month terms

The key is quick decisions and closings. Capital for business with no real estate needed. It is a great bridge to an SBA Loan. I had one deal where I had submitted it SBA and gotten it approved for the purchase of the business. When the borrower filled in the 1919 form he shared that he was not a US Citizen and did NOT have a Green card. He had applied, but the process could take months to even a year to get approval for the Green card. Enter this bridge fund which will allow him to close on the purchase and then, when his Green card comes in, just refinance us out to an SBA loan. This is just one of the MANY uses for this fund. So if you have a deal that is business only and the banks and the SBA can’t do it, but it makes sense and it is a good business with decent sales, give me a call! This may be the perfect solution for that loan!


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