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Branding @ Development Launch Parties

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In Chicago it is extremely common to have a catered event to help promote the sales of units in a new development.  Some parties are more extravagant than others.  I went to one this winter in a giant tent with a DJ, a saxophone player, and 4 go go girls dancing on boxes.  Crazy stuff.  Memorable but the taste factor there is questionable.  They were not professional ballerinas by any means; they were dancers and I imagine they were probably hired off an ad on craigs list.  Makes you wonder where the line should be drawn.  But I digress.

Gourmet food, and drinks are pretty standard for a party like this.  The main idea for developers throwing this party is to get a bunch of realtors and prospective clients in one place, talking about the development.  A clever device I have seen is locating the party within eyeline of a conference room where a happy new buyer is signing a contract.  Staged or not, I couldnt help but smile and tip my hat to them when I saw it. 

We have a development party we are helping promote in the near future so I wanted to get some ideas from fellow realtors as to what we could implement. 

I pose the following question to the active rain community and eagerly await your responses -

What are some great branding gimmiks that you have seen work or think would work well to communicate branding at an event like this?  It could be on an item that is given away at the end of the event that you think realtors would take with them and use (an desk clock, booties to protect the floors at open houses, etc) or perhaps environmental branding at the event (having the staff wear tee shirts with branded messages on it, balloons, banners, etc).

I promise to post pictures of our next event in a follow-up to this blog next month so thanks in advance for you responses and stay tuned...


John Marlow
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John Occhi
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Here is an idea you may consider...

You have seen the signs cut out in the image of a person - I first saw them 10 or 15 years ago as celebrity cut-outs.  Well now REALTORS are using them to hold Open House signs etc..  I'm not sure, but I guess they are about $200 each for a life size cut-out.  I'd be real surprised if they were any more.

Then get pictures of your target residence - you know, Mom & dad type with 2.5 kids and a small dog - or whatever and place them around the model and common areas - get pictures of them doing the things that they can do here - deliver you message with action shots, relaxation shots - benefit shots.

Remember these are life size and full life like color - the ones I have started to see here locally are awesome.

Good Luck

Now have a Blessed Day,

John Occhi, Full Time Hemet REALTOR

Mar 19, 2007 03:40 AM