WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Sept 2023 Ashland County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot

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Wisconsin Forestland Report


WISCONSIN FORESTLAND SOLD REPORT Sept 2023 Ashland County; Hunting, Timber, Investments! Market Snapshot for 20+ Acre Properties




Sold Properties Report

Price Total Acres $/Acre Original MLS # Status Municipality County
$7,000 40 $175 6070299 Sold Gingles Ashland
$11,500 40 $288 6101366 Sold Sanborn Ashland
$14,500 40 $363 1569926 Sold Jacobs Ashland
$30,000 80 $375 6070298 Sold Gingles Ashland
$40,000 100 $400 6070297 Sold Gingles Ashland
$45,000 80 $563 22202305 Sold Sanborn Ashland
$45,000 34.55 $1,302 6103482 Sold Gingles Ashland
$50,000 37.93 $1,318 6107271 Sold White River Ashland
$64,900 20 $3,245 1570334 Sold Jacobs Ashland
$69,900 25.84 $2,705 6105705 Sold La Pointe Ashland
$75,000 37.3 $2,011 6108342 Sold High Bridge Ashland
$87,000 80 $1,088 6105510 Sold Gingles Ashland
$90,000 65 $1,385 6106739 Sold High Bridge Ashland
$92,500 60 $1,542 1575182 Sold Jacobs Ashland
$100,000 40 $2,500 6105459 Sold Ashland Ashland
$108,000 80 $1,350 1569573 Sold Chippewa Ashland
$110,000 80 $1,375 6103324 Sold Ashland Ashland
$129,000 20 $6,450 6102830 Sold Other Ashland
$129,900 71.45 $1,818 1571109 Sold Jacobs Ashland
$130,000 40 $3,250 1573477 Sold Morse Ashland
$130,000 80 $1,625 1573413 Sold Ashland Ashland
$170,000 35.1 $4,843 6107752 Sold Sanborn Ashland
$260,000 225.5 $1,153 1571796 Sold Morse Ashland
$350,000 200.5 $1,746 6253124 Sold Marengo Ashland
$350,000 200.5 $1,746 6105124 Sold Marengo Ashland
     $    1,385 Median Price / Acre      
$2,689,200         1,814  $    1,483 Average Price / Acre      


Current Listings for Ashland County Wisconsin







Ashland County, Wisconsin; Timber, Wildlife, & Great Lakes
Wisconsin Forestland

   Ashland County with it's location on the south shore of Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay holds a lot of history for Wisconsin's early people, including the Ojibwa Indians and French explorers.

One band of Ojibwa people still live here and own a significant chunk of forestland here, but most of this land is off limits unless you have permission to be there.

The French explorers have been long ago replaced with loggers, hunters, tourists, and many others who come here to enjoy and work in the woods.

It is a great place to raise timber and wildlife which is why you see so many smart people anxious to buy hunting and timber land here.

hardwood forest

 Our clients at Woodland Management Service own a large amount of some of the best forest land in this county and they are impressed with the bountiful wildlife and timber here.

Ashland County is home to 440 thousand acres of forest land, most of which, nearly 200 thousand acres is Northern Hardwoods (Maple, Basswood, & Ash).

  A couple of secondary timber types here are Aspen and Spruce/Fir, with another 200 thousand acres which are essential habitats for the great wildlife populations found here. 

These forests are great for producing income for our clients and great habitat for Deer, Bear, Wolves, Grouse, and more.







Forestland; Hunting, Timber, Investments!Forestland Experts

When looking to Buy, Sell or Invest in Forestland anywhere in Wisconsin, there is only one place to call.

When you need an Expert in all facets of Timberland, Hunting Land, and Investment Properties; Call on the Forestland Experts at Woodland Management Service and Woodland Real Estate.

The experts at Woodland Real Estate and Woodland Management Service have over 30 years of experience in working with huntingland, timberland investments throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

When you are ready to get serious about your forestland investments, call on the experts at the Woodland Companies!


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Leanne Smith
Dirt Road Real Estate - Golden Valley, AZ
Relocation to NW AZ with elbow room & more freedom

One of my favorite counties in WI. Great views, lots of forests and forest animals no lions, no tigers, but lots of bears.

Sep 29, 2023 10:45 AM
Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service / Woodland Real Estate, KW Diversified - Stevens Point, WI
Forestland Experts! 715-204-9671

A beautiful part of the country, and I believe that you have some relatives in the adjoining county.

Oct 02, 2023 09:19 PM