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Thursday For is a weekly blog that comes out every ...... Thursday right Charles will blog about anything or requests that people want to hear about. This week many requests came in about "How Is The Market?" Steps to take when buying a home. 

This year may go down as the year of correction. After a pandemic-fueled, sellers' market, the bidding wars, and shortages of homes on the market I need not mention that builders didn't want another 08 on their hands. After a cooling period in 2022, we get to 2023 with high inflation, high-interest rates, and still no homes for sale to speak of, it is no wonder a buyer is confused. 

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But there is no need for confusion it is why the rich get rich and the poor get poorer never gamble with your life or livelihood or depend on the government always live in the here and now and you will have less stress, more money, and a life worth smiling about. 1995, 98, 03, and 08 if anything proved the former statement to be true. Here is a FACT as long as people have been on earth they have moved around in other words people buy and sell. 

So bottom line regardless of the news buy if you like and sell if you like, help yourself cause I have bought and sold when interest rates were 18%, all the way down to O%, and like I say even renters are buying a home it is just they are buying for someone else. Please do not sit on the sidelines waiting on someone else to make it better let's talk and I can show and prove to you that any day is a good day living the dream.

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