Do You Need Cash?

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Do You Need Cash?


Banks have been reporting mixed results but even on earnings misses, one thing has not changed, Banks are flush with cash.


Yet, when you go to a bank to get cash out on your commercial property you are often met with extremely tight standards…IT IS tough to get cash out from banks on commercial properties. In some ways this is good, the kind of loose underwriting that can cause froth in a marketplace is not happening, so that is good. However, it is still equity of yours that you may be hard-pressed to tap. At least at banks, credit unions, and life companies. There ARE options to cash out your commercial property and there are multiple programs available based on your need…..


-If you need cash out fast with no strings attached to the money, meaning you use it for whatever you want, then we have private money options that can get cash on your commercial real estate in a couple of weeks.


-If you want to tap your property to max leverage and have no strings attached on how you use it but can wait 45 days for the money, we have cash-out programs up to 75% LTV with NO STRINGS attached on the money. We can even do these loans with bank statements only, so you are not messing with tax returns and proving cash flow. VERY useful in many cases


-If you really just want to tap the equity in your building to put it back in your business, there are even MORE OPTIONS open to you…..




-504 refinances up to 90% and again, with blended rates in the 6.8's % with 25 year amortization.



What is best for you will depend on your circumstance. One call in for a free consultation and we can quickly tell you what is available and even get you pre-approved within 72 hours. IT’S YOUR EQUITY, if you want to tap it-we can make it happen. Call Karen at 512-358-1511 today or get started by filling out this form! 


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Give me a CALL TODAY at 512-358-1511 or get started by filling out this form!

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