Moving Tip #6…Almost Home

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Moving Tip #6…Almost Home


You’re almost ready to settle into your new home.  The first 5 moving tips included tips on how to edit your treasures and pack for your move. 


If you’ve followed the tips outlined in the posts, you’ve taken 9 moving day tipspictures of items you’re moving as well as how to reconnect your computer and television cables. You’ve marked your boxes and made lists so that you know what’s in them. 


Moving day has arrived!  You’re almost done but there are a few more items to complete your smooth move!!







_Don’t rely on your memory; have a checklist

_Make sure to leave behind such as garage door openers, etc.

_If you’re coming back to clean, make sure that you set aside cleaning supplies and tools. If you have a professional crew coming in, ensure the utilities are on for them. 


9 tips for moving day



_Make sure that utilities are on at your new home. 

_If there is a security gate, make sure you have the code/key for it and ask if your moving truck can enter there or through another gate. 

_If you need an elevator to reach your floor, find out if you’ll need to reserve a special freight elevator. 

_Check to see if moving trucks need a permit and if there are restricted hours for their use. 

_Have everything packed BEFORE the movers arrive




~This is where your Last On/First Off comes in handy. You’ll need these supplies to help you as you unpack and settle in. 

_Whether you have help or it’s just you, check every item as it comes in the door. Take pictures of boxes or items that are damaged. Check your floors and walls as well for damage. 

_Make sure you have water and have snacks or lunch for your movers

~Unpack the boxes you will need first.  That usually means the kitchen, primary bedroom, and bath.

Everyone has their own way of  unpacking and getting settled. I’m more methodical in unpacking and like to empty one box at a time. 

I know some who prefer to take everything out and get rid of all of the boxes. 


~What to do with the boxes and paper.  People are always looking for moving boxes and paper, You can put a note in Nextdoor or a similar app letting people know that boxes will be on your driveway. 

Some people sell them on OfferUp or Craigslist 

Whatever you choose to do, it’s better than adding more to our landfill!!!


Remember these tips for a successful move:

*Be present

*Be organized

*Be ready
*Be alert

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Hi Bill- Thank you very much for reblogging my post. 

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