Staging and Preparing the Outside of your home for sale! Curb Appeal that lasts!

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I am giving you ideas for a few quick fix improvements to make a lasting impression!


    Your entrance says a lot about your home,  If I told you how many times I had a potential buyer stop before even entering a home and have a distaste for the home.  Actually, I’ve had them refuse to enter based on the front.

    Create a welcoming entrance by having the driveway clean and having the entrance to your home neat, clean and inviting.  CLEAR THE CLUTTER!  You are going to hear me say this again and again.

     Clean the front door and if it needs paint, paint it!  Once on a home that was painted grey on the outside, I had my client paint the door Barn Red.  It looked gorgeous.  It stood out when you drove up and it made you want to enter that house.

     Add a doormat and make sure all entry lights are working and in good shape.  Clear out the cobwebs and remove any debris that may be left from last season.  If need be replace.  My rule of thumb on clearing the clutter, if you have not used it in the last 6 weeks, box it up and place it in storage.  You are not selling stuff, your selling your home!

     The outside of the home is the first impression, you want to make it a good and lasting impression.  They enter your home from the front and leave taking that one last and lasting impression.  This is your chance, make it a great one. 

Here are a few tips for annual maintenance on your home!


    Service windows and doors

    Check faucets and sprinkler systems

    Check weather stripping for drafts and leaks

    Replace bulbs in lighting

    Insulate outside pipes at the beginning of winter if you live in

    colder climates.

    Inspect for pest infestations


    Inspect for damage after storms or excessive wind.

    Irrigation systems

     Check pots and flower boxes and make sure they are fresh and clean

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