Important: SBA Status and Warning about Fraudulent Activities

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Beware Of Fraud!


Last week I got a call from someone to talk about the approval I had issued them. I didn’t recognize his name at all. He said it was a private money approval with my letterhead and address. There is no way I would not know the name of the client. I asked him to send me the approval and was SHOCKED at what I saw! It was a loan approval with MY letterhead, MY address, and some guy’s name at the bottom that I had never heard of….He lifted my logo and everything. He was using MY credibility to get upfront money and steal from people essentially. 


I BEG you-BEWARE. If you get approval from Commercial Capital MAKE SURE it is really me-ESPECIALLY before sending any money. Fraud is on the rise. Whitewashing checks, fraudulent wire practices, and bogus charity cold calling are all on the rise. Be careful out there, if something sounds “off” HALT and double check, just be sure. The sad thing is, if these criminals used their minds for good instead of bad, how good could their lives be? How much success can they have? 


                                                                   Did SBA Shut Down?


On another note, The government shutdown didn’t happen. It would have affected SBA loans but now they can keep rolling on.  I know people often say they HATE SBA loans. But that is because they are taking them to their local bank which might do 2_ SBA loans all year. Of course, the process stinks!  I close 3-4 SBA loans a month and mostly with NON bank SBA lenders. I have 7 SBA loans in my pipeline and 5 of them are approved, the others are submitted or being submitted but I expect them to get approved as well. I have been batting 1000 for the last 3 months! I make the process palatable. There is a place for SBA right now with the local banks tightening. TRY ME before you give up on your dream.


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lesser sing
JYP - Lloydminster, AB

@tunnel rush I think you should meet with the competent authorities to resolve this issue.

Dec 14, 2023 12:03 AM
Natasha West
SC - Woodstock, AL

@scratch games I believe you should meet with the appropriate authorities to resolve this matter.

Jan 11, 2024 03:00 AM
Meltigirn Ruanan
Marquardt-Stroman and Sons - Adak, AK

Indeed, information can sometimes be easily exploited. You should not publish too much private geometry dash lite information. Need to ensure the best security to use the service.

Jan 22, 2024 08:28 PM