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Columbia SC - Why do I need a renovation loan?

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Columbia SC - Why do I need a renovation loan?

Columbia SCRenovation loans are amazing if you think about it.

Realtors - if you don't have what your client is looking for you can add a pool, add a room, update kitchens bathrooms, make the home(s) you do have into what your client needs.

Many times over the years I hear there are just no properties on the MLS, well, I hate to break it to you but the MLS is only one place to find homes for sale, you might think about the REIA... ask me about it if you don't know what it is.

Home Buyers - If you can't seem to find a home that fits your exact needs in the area where you want to purchase, consider making a home that is close to your expectations into the home you want.

If you find the perfect home and it just missing a swimming pool, then the HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage may be just what you need. We had a renovation project that just included a great patio with BBQ station and an "in-ground" swimming pool... that's it, yes we had to inspect the entire property but all the work came to was the pool, patio, BBQ station and a smoke detector as I recall. 

Our office is located just outside of Columbia SC.

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downtown 10-26-2023

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