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Ok, so now that our 232nd birthday has come and gone. Now that we are seeing mega-discount sales on fireworks and hot dog buns, now that our 3-day weekend is over, I'd love to hear some post Independence Day thoughts.

For me, one of the highlights was actually last Wednesday. I was attending our Wednesday evening church service along with my family. This is normally a great service because in it we honor our military heroes past and present, and salute the history of our nation. I was also pretty excited to hear our guest speaker that night, Dr. Ergun Caner president of Liberty University Baptist Seminary.

The thing that really got my attention that night was that Dr. Caner opened the message from his past and related it to our present. He talked about Socialist government- You have the right to vote, but there is only one candidate. He talked about Fascist government-You get to vote, but they vote for you! He talked about Democracy-You have the right to vote....and don't exercise it. I should point out that Dr. Caner is a Turkish immigrant who became a citizen.

I am a huge sports fan, I love baseball and am a die-hard Cubs fan! I also enjoy soccer. I was recently watching the European Championships, and every time one of the participating countries national anthems was played, tears were streaming from the players as the passion and the pride swelled up within them. I watch some of the "celebrity" anthems performed and see most of the singers trying to turn our anthem into their own personal "Idol" moment!

So what does all this have to do with real estate? Maybe nothing, but what it does mean to me is that I want to do the best for my country. I want to exercise my rights in a proper manner. I want to respect those that are the decision makers for our country, it's a difficult and thankless job and whether I agree or disagree with them I still respect the office that they hold. If I or anyone else wants to disagree with those decision makers then I have a proper's called a vote!

So in conclusion, my thoughts on the 4th are that if we exercise our fundamental rights under the Constitution then we can have a voice in Democracy. If we take pride in our flag, our anthem and our history and extend grace, love and mercy to our own citizens as well as internationally then we can no longer be the the"Ugly American".

Thanks for reading, God Bless

Neil G. Blair-Bennett

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