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Digital marketing strategies are crucial for small businesses because they allow them to reach a wider audience, increase brand visibility and awareness, and compete with larger competitors on a level playing field. With effective digital marketing, small businesses can target specific audiences, engage with customers through various online channels, and measure the performance of their campaigns. It provides cost-effective methods to attract leads, convert them into customers, and build long-term relationships. Overall, digital marketing strategies for small business thrive in today's highly competitive digital landscape.

In a lively conversation with Linda Peltz, Mike Brady, the owner of
Rankem 1st Digital Marketing, spills the beans on how his company catapults small and medium-sized businesses onto the coveted first page of Google. 

Linda Peltz realtor Fresno CA and Mike Brady delves into the essential of digital marketing and its strategies that define online success. Learn more about the winning digital marketing strategies for small business in video below;




From Page 10 to the Top: The Rankem 1st Digital Magic

Mike shares a success story that encapsulates the essence of Rankam's prowess. Taking a tree service from the abyss of Google's page 10 to the shining summit of the first page resulted in a business boom. With a doubled clientele, the transformed tree service had to expand its team and fleet, showcasing the tangible impact of Rankam's strategies.


Mike Brady and Linda Peltz also dig into the harsh reality of online visibility – the relentless race to secure a spot on the first page of Google. With an eye-opening statistic revealing that a staggering 81% of users never venture past page one, the duo unfolds the amusing yet true adage in digital marketing that suggests page three is the best hiding spot for a metaphorical "dead body."


Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business


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AI Insights and Google Authority

Transitioning into the tools and methodologies employed by Rankem 1st Digital, Mike Brady unveils the company's AI-driven eight-page report. This free report is a treasure trove for prospective clients, scraping the internet for any mention of a business and meticulously analyzing its digital footprint. The importance of synchronized listings across social media platforms is emphasized, as inconsistencies can lead to Google marking a business down.


Further, Mike elucidates Rankem 1st Digital holistic approach to online success. It's not just about appearances – it's about reputation-building, content creation, and blogging. Linda Peltz and Mike discuss how blogging not only disseminates information but also establishes a business as an authority in its niche, thereby earning favor with the all-powerful Google algorithms.

Organic Traffic Dynamics

The conversation takes a turn into the intriguing world of organic search results. Mike unveils the shocking dynamics – the first spot grabbing a whopping 35% of organic traffic, a figure dwindling to about 1% by the time you hit page two. The takeaway is clear: being on the first page is not just beneficial; it's imperative for businesses seeking online success.

Marketing and Back Office Hustle

Linda Peltz and Mike switch gears, discussing the unseen challenges of running a small business. Linda Peltz, a realtor mentioned on the dual responsibilities – not just selling homes but also managing the intricate marketing strategies and staying abreast of industry changes, laws, and paperwork.


Linda Peltz's perspective as a realtor, unraveling the unique challenges of marketing in the real estate industry. It's not just about transactions; it's about understanding market dynamics, law changes, and, most importantly, effective marketing to stand out in a competitive field.

Closing Thoughts 

Wrapping up the conversation, Mike Brady generously shares his contact information for businesses eager to elevate their online presence. Linda Peltz expresses gratitude for the enlightening discussion, leaving the audience with a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing strategies for small business, and the ever-evolving world of online visibility.

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