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Understanding the CDD Bonds in The Villages, FL


Buying a home in The Villages, Florida you need to consider the Community Development District (CDD) Bonds.  Bonds are used to build the infrastructure in The Villages, the roads, water and sewer systems, parks, landscaping, street lights and other items needed to build homes in an area.  The bond is based on the lot size and is assessed to the first owner of the property and conveys to new owners of the property until bond balance is paid.

The Villages Community Development Districts website has plenty of information to help you understand the bonds, how they are paid and if you want to pay them off earlier when and how.  I picked a residential lot in CDD area 15 to share the numbers, first it is financed over 30 years at 5.19% and the beginning bond balance is $54,091.22.  If the bond is paid annually the total amount of principle, interest and administrate cost paid is $114,742.30.  This area is 7.78 platted acres with 35 homes, the average annual assessment is $3,701 you pay with your property taxes annually.  This is new construction and not sure what area 205V is located other than the south part of The Villages. 

When I am asked about the bond I explain about a third of The Villages the bond is paid, another third has a low bond balance and the newer further south you go has the highest bond balance generally but some buyers pay the bond off at closing.

If you are shopping for a $400,000 home and you find one the bond is a paid and compare to another $400,000 home with a bond balance to $25,000 I believe you should consider the second home costing you $425,000, just my opinion.  Hope this helps you understand the CDD Bonds.

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Good morning Dick. CDD's are almost a necessary evil today for development to take place. That said, the newer the home, likely the higher the CDD balance. Something to consider when the buyer is making a decision. Enjoy your day.


CDD's were invented by Developers to shift their cost of amenities and community build out onto the homeowner. 


Clay R. Seay and that is how The Villages grew from a 400 unit mobile home park in the 80's to 150,000 people today!


Wayne Martin two option tack the infrastructure cost on the home or do the CDD, both are the same!


Yes, the developer moves the impact fees onto to the consumer at any given opportunity.  Any planned unit development is built in phases.  Roadways, street lighting, fiber optics are necessary.  

Often times your GPS stops when you enter the NEW development because the information has yet to be synched.  I end up asking the utility guys which way to my destination as some agents are not specific in their directions.  

I sold in Traditions Port St Lucie and the listing agent could not explain all the  remaining 8 year charges.  Easy enough to discover especially when you ask the current seller.  😎


Eileen Burns 954.483.3912 I have a listing currently that doesn't show up on certainmaps so spent extra time with directions!


This sounds very similar to the CFD bonds that we see in some new communities in my area.


Brian England here the sales associates for the developer don't like to talk about them of course they want to sell new, I do because I want to sell preowned.