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Does The Number of Zillow Saves Matter For Home Sellers?

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If your Zillow saves are high, but there is a lack of showings, it is possible that there could be an issue with your listing.

Zillow aids buyers and sellers by enabling users to click on a heart icon in the upper right-hand corner of a listing to save or mark it as a favorite. These saved listings can provide sellers with insight into the performance of their listing, although it is essential to note that saves do not necessarily result in scheduled showings.

Insufficient showings can indicate inadequate photos, an overly high listing price, foolish accompanied showings, or even complications with your real estate agent. But how many saves on Zillow are considered good? Maximum Real Estate Exposure has some excellent insights in their detailed analysis.

We will peek behind the curtain on the causes behind sellers not receiving showings and provide expert advice on addressing them effectively.

What Does Saves on Zillow Mean?

Upon asserting ownership of your residence on Zillow, you will gain access to the viewership and instances in which users saved your listing within the past month. You'll also ascertain the duration of time that the listing has been available.

The quantity of saves considered "satisfactory" can differ based on the region, real estate market, and property type. According to a previous investigation conducted by Zillow, over half of the homes that received 40 or more saves in their initial week of being listed were ultimately sold at prices above their initial listing values.

However, this still leaves us with the inquiry: Why do Zillow saves not consistently result in showings being requested?

Be Cautious and Treat Zillow Saves With a Degree of Skepticism.

It is common for individuals to mark homes as favorites on Zillow without any intention of viewing or purchasing them. This means that the number of saves may not necessarily indicate genuine interest from potential homebuyers in your property.

Numerous individuals utilize Zillow to gather design inspiration, explore new neighborhoods, or find ideas for their home listings. The act of leisurely scrolling through Zillow referred to as "Zillow scrolling," has emerged as a popular pastime.

To put it briefly, it is essential to have a realistic perspective on the duration your home has been listed for sale. If you are still significantly below the average number of days on the market, there is no need to be concerned if you haven't yet received the anticipated amount of saves or showings.

Even if it has been present for a considerable time, alternatives are still available. Let's examine why you may have lots of views but few showings.

8 Explanations for a High Number of Zillow Saves but No Requests for Property Viewings

If your Zillow listing generates a substantial number of saves but minimal showings, it may be attributed to something as straightforward as subpar photographs or inadequate inclusion of essential particulars.

On the other hand, it may indicate a more severe issue, such as an excessively inflated listing price or a subpar location. One of the most common home-selling mistakes is overpricing. By identifying the underlying problem, you will edge closer to achieving your desired number of showings.

Since saves do not necessarily indicate the success of a listing, there is always an opportunity for enhancement, mainly if the desired outcomes are not being achieved.

You or Your Agent Requires Accompanied Showings

While it may seem convenient to have the listing agent accompany showings in real estate transactions, it is generally considered a mistake for several reasons. First, having the listing agent present during showings can create a conflict of interest.

The primary role of the listing agent is to represent the seller's best interests, while the buyer's agent is responsible for advocating for the buyer. When the listing agent is present, buyers may hesitate to openly discuss their concerns or negotiate effectively, fearing that their remarks may be relayed to the seller.

Second, the presence of the listing agent during showings can make buyers feel pressured or uncomfortable. Buyers may feel less inclined to take their time exploring the property or asking questions, as they may feel rushed or scrutinized. The absence of the listing agent allows potential buyers to freely assess the property and envision themselves living in it without any external influence.

Lastly, having the listing agent present during showings may limit the number of showings, creating a scheduling nightmare! It is one of the common showing mistakes to avoid.

Imagine for a minute a real estate agent is scheduling multiple properties to show in 3 different towns. All of the other homes have flexible showing instructions except yours. Unfortunately, your agent cannot meet the buyer's agent's requested showing time. Do you know what happens? If you're thinking it's a missed showing, you're 100 percent correct.

Skip the accompanying showing non-sense. It doesn't help you sell your home - it hurts the chances!

Your Photography Lacks Visual Appeal

If you possess photographs of substandard quality or an inadequate quantity, specific prospective buyers might bypass your listing without saving it. However, there is a possibility that some individuals may show preference towards your home if you supplement it with additional images.

Pixelated or captured images from unfavorable angles fail to represent your home correctly. Even photos taken with a high-quality iPhone can present issues if not captured by someone skilled in real estate marketing.

Opt for top-notch, expertly captured images that faithfully depict your residence. Simply tweaking the angles or lighting in your photographs may suffice to effectively showcase the property and enhance its desirability among prospective purchasers.

Nonetheless, it may be essential to engage the services of a skilled real estate photographer who possesses the expertise to capture the ideal photographs and enhance the visuals to highlight the most appealing aspects of the property.

Hire a Realtor who invests in professional photography. It is one of the most vital aspects of selling a home.

The Price of Your Home is Set at an Excessive Level

If your residence is priced too high for the current market, you may notice many saves on Zillow. This can be attributed to prospective buyers expressing genuine interest in the property but being deterred by the excessive price, thereby opting against scheduling a viewing.

Additionally, some buyers save homes to receive alerts regarding changes in prices. Therefore, they may be anticipating a reduction in your price, especially if your home has been listed for an extended time.

If your home is not attracting viewings due to its overly high price, it would be beneficial to examine recent sales of similar properties in your vicinity, commonly referred to as comps. This evaluation will provide insight into the selling prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood and assist you in establishing a more precise pricing strategy for your property.

Suppose your home is priced higher than comparable recent sales. In that case, you can lower your asking price to better synchronize with recent transactions, enhance your home's value and attractiveness through renovations, or attempt a combination of both strategies. This is where a seasoned real estate agent can guide the most suitable course of action for your property within the local market.

Display an additional undefined number of rows.

Obtain a Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) From a Reputable Local Specialist!

If you have been attempting to sell your property as a FSBO, contacting multiple local real estate agents is advisable. Take the time to evaluate each agent's range of services thoroughly.

Assess the past achievements of each agent to gauge their potential for success. Historical performance serves as a reliable indicator of an agent's future capabilities. Does the agent price homes correctly from day one with no price reductions?

Your Home Lacks The Necessary Staging to Appeal to Potential Buyers

Properties that are furnished per the preferences of the homeowner and not in line with prevailing design trends on a national level may experience a prolonged period on the market compared to staged listings.

It brings to light the importance of preparing a home to sell.

Prospective purchasers may save your listing out of inquisitiveness, but they could encounter challenges envisioning themselves residing in the residence due to disorder or excess personal belongings.

Additionally, buyers might opt to save your listing if the property is visually appealing, yet they may abstain from scheduling a visit if it appears untidy or neglected.

Think about doing one of the following - hiring a junk removal company, putting excess things in storage, or donating unwanted items to a charity.

Your Residence Requires Additional Attention

If your residence necessitates extensive repairs or upgrades, there is a possibility of attracting numerous buyers interested in restoring the property. Nonetheless, unless you offer a competitive price or demonstrate a willingness to negotiate, these potential buyers may not find it worthwhile to arrange a viewing.

This is particularly probable if your property requires extensive repairs and seems uninhabitable during the renovation process, such as when a replacement roof, new appliances, structural enhancements, or a complete overhaul are necessary.

Initially, one should pinpoint significant repairs that will enhance the home's appeal and make it more attractive to prospective buyers. This may entail painting, upgrading light fixtures, repairing faulty appliances, and fixing or replacing flooring.

If significant renovations are expected for the property, mentioning them in the listing and seeking building permits is advisable. This way, potential buyers can minimize the paperwork required to address any issues.

The Commission Offered to The Buyer's Agent is Insufficiently Low

The commission for the buyer's agent is typically disclosed in a Zillow listing, making it visible to buyers and their agents.

If your specified commission is below the average or standard rate in your market, buyer's agents might opt not to showcase the property to their clients, irrespective of its condition. Conducting showings may not be worthwhile for an agent without suitable remuneration.

Implementing a competitive commission can be straightforward, albeit decreasing your sale proceeds. To attract buyers' agents and their clients, it is recommended to ascertain the average agent commission in your locality and ensure that yours matches or exceeds it.

The Details Provided in The Listing Are Either Insufficient or Contain Errors

If the details in your Zillow listing are inaccurate, potential buyers may experience confusion or even struggle to locate the property. For instance, if your listing indicates that the house comprises three bedrooms when it has four, the property may not even appear in filtered searches for houses with four bedrooms.

Potential buyers may choose not to request a property viewing due to a lack of time to sift through misleading information. As a result, they may move on to alternative listings that provide more accurate descriptions and better accommodate their requirements.

To ensure the accuracy of your Zillow listing, it is essential to meticulously verify all the provided details, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, lot dimensions, and features and amenities. If you encounter any inaccuracies, contact Zillow directly or collaborate with your real estate agent to make necessary updates to the listing.

It is also advisable to periodically review your listing to avoid outdated details. For instance, if your property has been listed for a significant duration, it is possible that the listing photos no longer accurately represent the current state of the property.

In this scenario, enlisting the services of a professional photographer to capture fresh photographs of the residence's interior and exterior could prove beneficial.

Find a Different Agent

Suppose your real estate agent is not performing satisfactorily. In that case, your listing may not receive the appropriate level of visibility it deserves, potentially resulting in a negative experience for prospective buyers who express interest in your property.

If your representative is unresponsive to inquiries or requests for property viewings, it might prove challenging to attract sincerely interested buyers.

Similarly, real estate agents who are already overwhelmed with other clientele may lack the capacity to dedicate sufficient attention to promoting the sale of your home on Zillow or elsewhere.

If you have become dissatisfied, it may be time to analyze why your home is stagnant. Is the issue with something you're doing, or is it the agent?

Answer this question honestly and then go from there.

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I was with you till find another agent, I think sellers do that too quickly and they need to communicate their wants before they move to greener pastures.  Sometimes the rules change and things are improved without the selling agent knowing all the details--last week we removed the appointment required feature and made the listing go and show.  The showings went up 15% the first day.  


Some very good points. Folks believe in Zillow and fail to understand lots of saves as well as the Z Estimate are not necessarily accurate.


Hello Bill - life is interesting.  So is people-watching and observing information of many kinds.  What "attracts" and what "repels"?   And perhaps more importantly, what matters and makes a difference.  That might be the bigger question.   The conversation continues. . .   


I am not a believer of Saves should equal similar number of viewings, as people are out of area saving these. Great information. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

Bill Salvatore, Realtor- Arizona Elite Properties


Interesting topic. I've always looked at saves as a measure of interest. 


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