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The World has Ended as we Know It! Umm... not really

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The front page of the Wall Street Journal read...."The World Has Changed."

With the verdict in Missouri that came down concerning commissions, it may feel like that for some of us...but not really...don't let you heart be troubled.


In reality the way we do business hasn't really changed at all when you really think about it. Commissions are negotiable. They always have been negotiable and will always be.

(I must say, I did buy a car at the height of that market in 2021, and the sales person would not negotiate with me at all on the price of that car or his commission.) Go figure!

So back to reality...the media hypes everything they can get clicks and views on. So do people on social media. Take a break from paying any attention to these types of posts. Bad news sells...don't believe it. My #1 most read post in the last 10 years is about how to stop burglars entering the home!

The fact is our industry has heard about how its going to fold many times...

From agency in the 1980s, to the internet coming with all the information clients need, its always..."Realtors won't be around long!"

Heck, some of you may remember when the MLS didn't even exist yet. The truth is the industry always comes out OK.

"Real Estate will never be valued accurately by algorithms. Real Estate is local, emotional and subjective. Agents will not become a thing of the past." -Don Lowe

We are skilled, ethical professionals! Our thought process is always about what is best for the client and how to get win/win deals put together. Third party negotiations always save our clients money as we keep them from trouble, all while keeping the transaction together.

Their will always be people who cut their own hair, do their own taxes and change their own oil.  Now more than ever, communicating our value is paramount.

Personally, I have used a few different accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc based on my perception of their value! Choice is good! 

What ever comes down from the courts is not of our concern really. Our job is to explain to our clients what their choices are. The public will decide whats best for them not the Association of Realtors.

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Gary & Melynda Wolter CRS, CREN, MSP    

Realtor Certified Residential Specialist, Mesa/Gilbert/Queen Creek/Chandler, AZ

Licensed agent since 2001 "Premier Personal Service"