Throwback Thursdays…Market Reports, Listings, and Comments.

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Throwback Thursdays…Market Reports, Listings, and Comments.


Several years ago I wrote a post that was inspired by one from our Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400 


It had to do with being courteous and professional with our a questioncomments on consumer-focused posts of fellow members. 


For example, someone posts about a new listing…


Supportive: “Congratulations on your new listing. Best of luck for a quick sale.”


Not so much: “The seller should update the appliances in the kitchen.”

Listing and market reports are consumer-driven or focused… the ones that you hope will gain good SEO and attract consumers (those who will hopefully help keep your boats afloat.) 


Because ActiveRain is the community it is, we need to
respect the blogs of others... 

Agree to disagree.

Don’t comment

Say something positive

Write your own post about the subject

Move on!


All of these are options for us.  But always remember that this is their blog and we should respect that.  




If you’re the blog author you could disable comments but is that really what you want? 

brick wall

It would be like talking to a brick wall! And that would be okay if you had no interest whatsoever in any kind of interaction (meaning REFERRALS) with other members. 


Next time you comment on a consumer-focused post, remember what all our Aunt Marthas would tell us…

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! 

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Comments (24)

Jeffrey DiMuria 321.223.6253 Waves Realty
Waves Realty - Melbourne, FL
Florida Space Coast Homes

Nice post Kathy. I think (especially when it comes to business posts), we need to make sure we do not hurt anyone who is a member of this community (either personally or professionally). 

Nov 30, 2023 07:07 AM
Kathy Streib

Jeffrey DiMuria 321.223.6253 Waves Realty Thank you. It is often easy to forget that the post is consumer focused so what we say should be supportive. 

Nov 30, 2023 05:47 PM
Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400
The Top Team @ Charles Rutenberg Realty 255 Executive Dr, Plainview NY 11803 - Plainview, NY
Long Island Condo and Home Specialists

Absolutely Kathy, Sharing a negative comment on someone else's blog or feedback may not be the best approach!

Nov 30, 2023 07:12 AM
Kathy Streib

Thank you Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400 we have to remember who the blogger is trying to reach and be mindful of that. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:03 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

The one thing I have loved about ActiveRain, is for the most part it is devoid of the antagonism that seems to proliferate on other social media platforms.  I'm grateful for that!

Nov 30, 2023 07:38 AM
Kathy Streib

Myrl Jeffcoat I agree. This community has far less of that snarkism that we see on other sites. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:04 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy, on having this blog FEATURED in the Old Farts Club group!  

Nov 30, 2023 07:39 AM
Kathy Streib

Myrl Jeffcoat Thank you very much!!!

Nov 30, 2023 06:04 PM
Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - San Jose, CA
Probate Real Estate Services

Hello Miss Kathy Streib - What I am increasingly experiencing is just moving on.

Some people are so toxic and nasty I do not even want to see their photo let alone read what they have to say. 

I attribute much of this to people being angry and divided over many things. 

My mother said the same thing ... if you do not have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.  As you know, I do not always adopt that advice. 😜

Nov 30, 2023 08:10 AM
Kathy Streib

Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist  This site is not as bad as some of the other social media platforms but on occasion, I see a little snarkiness. I agree, this dark cloud of divisiveness hanging over the entire country effects all of us. 

And BTW---I too have been known to shoot off my mouth when it would have been better to zip it! 

Nov 30, 2023 06:11 PM
Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - San Jose, CA
Probate Real Estate Services



Mr. Crappy Says

Be Kind

Flush the





Nov 30, 2023 08:13 AM
Kathy Streib

Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist I am honored to be recognized by Mr Crappy!!!

Nov 30, 2023 06:15 PM
Mark Don McInnes, Sandpoint-Idaho
Sandpoint Realty LLC - Sandpoint, ID
North Idaho Real Estate - 208-255.6227

Top of the morning Kathy.  For as hard as I am laughing this could have gone under 'Friday Funnies' as well.  Not the post but the 1st example of comments to listing photo's.  While possibly true, the obvious definitely need not be stated, if anything stated at all.  Thank you for the early 'Friday Funny'.  Mark 

Nov 30, 2023 09:01 AM
Kathy Streib

Mark Don McInnes, Sandpoint-Idaho I've seen our wonderful bloggers here very politely comment on a kitchen that looked hideous. It's called being a supportive member while biting your tongue!!!  

No Friday Fun post'll see why!

Nov 30, 2023 06:20 PM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Not long ago, one of our blogger friends got very upset when I deleted one of her negative comments. She no longer comments on my posts.

Nov 30, 2023 09:33 AM
Kathy Streib

Roy Kelley you have every right to delete a negative comment on one of your posts!!! Her loss!!!!

Nov 30, 2023 06:23 PM
Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

This is excellent advice, Kathy. I've been subjected to a string of nasty comments by an AR member. At some point it was so bad I told Bob Stewart it was me or him who stayed on this platform. There was not room for both of us.

Nov 30, 2023 09:45 AM
Kathy Streib

Nina Hollander, Broker That really is a shame and there is no place for that. I'm glad that you didn't leave!!!!!!! 

Nov 30, 2023 06:24 PM
Sheri Sperry - MCNE®
Coldwell Banker Realty - Sedona, AZ
(928) 274-7355 ~ YOUR Solutions REALTOR®

Hi Kathy Streib - I can say I don't think I have seen any negative posts either on my own blog or on other members blogs. Of course, I don't always read every comment. But the comments I have read have always been supportive.  However,  this information is important to post to keep it in our thought process.  

I would add one thing, if the blog writer has grammar or spelling issues in the blog, contact them personally.  Do not leave a comment in the actual blog highlighting the error.  But, do let them know so they can fix it through a personal message if they so choose.  

Nov 30, 2023 10:35 AM
Kathy Streib

Sheri Sperry - MCNE® I couldn't agree more. Sharon Tara is always good about texting me if I have an Oops moment in my post. I appreciate that. Others have done so as well. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:25 PM
George Souto
George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages - Middletown, CT
Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert

Kathy that is a good reminder to keep in mind, because some listing leave themselves wide open to negative comments.

Nov 30, 2023 11:51 AM
Kathy Streib

I agree George Souto I've seen some listing photos and it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:26 PM
Steffy Hristova
HomeSmart Elite Group Tempe AZ Tel: 602.710.8161 - Tempe, AZ
Tempe AZ Realtor - Your Home Close to Your Work!

Great points, Kathy! And suggestions how to respond on content a reader disagrees. 

Nov 30, 2023 01:50 PM
Kathy Streib

Steffy Hristova we will never agree with everyone!  But we don't always have to say so. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:28 PM
Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400

Steffy Hristova,

I find that a phone call can sometimes handle the disagreement if only to suggest they write their own post with their own spin. 

Nov 30, 2023 08:15 PM
Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS
Fathom Realty Washington LLC - Tacoma, WA
South Puget Sound Washington Agent/Broker!

I came from the same school. I’ve been complementary to fellow agents and their successes. I still feel that we must depend on our fellow agents and don’t throw them underneath the bus Kathy 🙂

Nov 30, 2023 02:59 PM
Kathy Streib

You and I are from the same school Paul S. Henderson, REALTOR®, CRS We are lucky in that this platform is supportive of each other. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:29 PM
Ed Silva, 203-206-0754
Mapleridge Realty, CT 203-206-0754 - Waterbury, CT
Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally

Those that are into negative commenting should understand that their negatives are also an example of themselves and could lose as any potential clients as their negative remarks would the original author.

Nov 30, 2023 03:53 PM
Kathy Streib

Ed (Edward) Silva, 203-206-0754 exactly!!!  When we read those negative comments, we remember them! 

Nov 30, 2023 06:30 PM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten
HomeSmart Real Estate - Phoenix, AZ

Kathy I remember back in the day when people would leave negative comments on a client centered post.  Seriously folks?  I simply deleted their comment.

Nov 30, 2023 04:20 PM
Kathy Streib

Anna "Banana" Kruchten we don't have as many like we used to. This platform is good about policing itself. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:31 PM
Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!
Red Rock Real Estate (435) 632-9374 - St. George, UT
St. George Utah Area Residential Sales Agent

Some people fail to understand that some posts are well read and remain for all time. Getting snarky or downright rude is just unacceptable. This post definitely deserved a gold star, Kathy. If it was up to me, your post would get 5 of them like this! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Nov 30, 2023 06:30 PM
Kathy Streib

Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can! you are so sweet!!! Thank you!!! And yes, there are some (just a few) who either don't get it, or don't care. 

Nov 30, 2023 06:33 PM
Dorie Dillard Austin TX
Coldwell Banker Realty ~ 512.750.6899 - Austin, TX
NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek and Spicewood/Balcones

Good evening Kathy,

I'm a little late to the party but couldn't agree more with your post! Sharing a negative comment on someone else's blog or feedback may not be the best approach and makes everyone look bad..the author and the person commenting. Move on if you don't agree with the post.

Nov 30, 2023 08:01 PM
Sharon Tara
Sharon Tara Transformations - Portsmouth, NH
Retired New Hampshire Home Stager

Congratulations on a well deserved feature, Kathy.

This is a very important reminder for anyone commenting on social media of any kind.

Dec 01, 2023 04:26 AM
Leanne Smith
Dirt Road Real Estate - Golden Valley, AZ
The Grit and Gratitude Agent

A good reminder to be positive because potential sellers or buyers may be reading your comments.

Dec 01, 2023 05:11 AM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

I completely agree with being kind, but I am also a firm believer in holding people accountable for their actions/words.  I hope that people will always be truthful with me, even if it isn't what I want to hear.  I don't like when people tell me what I want to hear but then disparage behind my back, haha.

Dec 01, 2023 10:25 AM