Coffee Shop Cogitations! What is the Real Meaning of Pondering?

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The article captures the essence of pondering beautifully, making a strong case for the value of introspective moments, often fueled by a cup of coffee. Cheers to the meaningful musings brewed in coffee shop conversations!

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Original content by Mike McCann Nebraska Land Broker

Rapt Friday to All!Mike McCann so confused!! LOL! Not!

I hope all of you that are perusing this have had a transpicuous & lucid week!

A few things I have mused multiple times in writing in earlier posts is my love for a certain coffee shop in Kearney, NE...Kitt's Coffee, and as I have ruminated in a very recent post about growing older and having a ton of Dr visits to make sure I can keep working on my prodigious Bucket list...and since I have taken all of you who read my blogs along for this lengthy ride...and since I purchased the bottomless cup of demitasse...thus we are now at a locus for a bit of introspection!!

(Dear Mrs. dearly  and long departed English teacher...please forgive my  predilection for long...and certainly not proper sentence structure!)   

I give pause here to meditate about the English and Speech classes over a half-century ago taught so eloquently by Mrs. Pierce. She was one of my favorites although I am not so sure I was one of hers!  But much of what she taught I still retain and cherish!! 

Ahh...gramercy for allowing that pause.

This past moon phase...(with a glorious full moon a few days ago), I have applied some Lateral-Thinking and definitely believe that the hurdles in my path are Surmountable

How I go about analyzing the coming New YearMike McCann Searching for Answers! Mach1 Realty in regards to my deportment and perspective on my career and personal life is stupendous! 

Actually for each of us, how we deduce the recent past and look forward to our exciting...yet unknown future, are either elegiacally or effusively embraced by each of us...many times in a dissimilar manner.

I have espoused to go forward into the future using the power of positive thinking as my main weapon of choice while acknowledging the silly...yet critical...errors of my past! (And maybe some of the advice from my new plethora of Drs.) 

One of them is a gastroentrologist and I can barely stomach the guy!!

In peroration my friends and Brain is starting to become a bit Exsiccated, and that can lead down a very rocky path...and monosaccharide in my blood is too high!!  

What does all of this Blabber mean? 

Not 100% sure...but my main Dr said "hey, you are in the top 30% for your age...and there are no signs of any relax, enjoy life...get a few more pounds off and get your BS under control.

Turns out he was talking about Blood Sugars...I thought he meant my interpretation of Bull_hit....and my version of BS is not changing!

Mike McCann Clearing out the Fog in the Brain! Mach1 Realty


Until Next Time...

Have fun rummaging through your original thought browser as you ponder the meaning of life and your computer browser for the denotative or connotative meanings of these words while scratching your cranium!

My take? It is okay to give your personal thought browser a tap every now and then!! 





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