2024 Executive Strategic Thinking and Planning – Part 5

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The execution of this executive strategic thinking and planning of a master action plan begins with having 100% clarity about how one will behave. This behavior begins with one’s moral code, one’s ethics, one's code of conduct, one’s values. REALTORS® have the NAR Code of Ethics which is a potential foundation for constructing the Values Statement for this master action plan.

Again quality questions support gaining crystal clear clarity.

What are my basic underlying values or principles?


  • Consistent integrity doing what is right when no one else is looking 
  • Going the extra mile 
  • Focus on others first NOT my pocketbook 
  • Protect clients
  • Promote clients
  • Grow knowledge
  • Obtain specialty certifications to expand formal knowledge and credentials
  • Use experiences for learning
  • Be 100% professional, 100% of the time
  • Remember, I don’t work for free 

The next series of questions looks to define the relationships we have with our stakeholders. For further clarity, stakeholders are those individuals or groups that have an interest in any decision or activity of the business. In this instance the business is the real estate practice.

In my real estate practice as an independent contractor, I have no employees nor do I have stockholders. The next area would be clients or customers.  For me I have always used the word client in my executive consulting and sales coaching practice as well as my real estate practice. In the NAR Code of Ethics, there is a distinction between client and customer.

How do I want my clients to know me?


First and foremost, ethical, next responsive, professional, knowledgeable and an agent who will go the extra mile for them.

How do I want my suppliers to know me?


Again as an ethical person who is respectful and pays all invoices in a timely manner.

How do I want others to know me such as local associations, regulatory agencies, etc?


Respectful and someone who can be counted on to do the right thing, honors all commitments, follows the current legal statues and participates when schedule permits.

How do I want my community to know me?


As a caring small business owner, leader, who wants the community to grow and prosper while respecting the property rights and necessary natural resources such as water rights. 

Maybe now is the time if you are a real estate agent as a small business leader to answer these questions for yourself.

Look to Part Seven for my Values Statement.


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