Sewer Scopes: Why they are an important service for all buyers, sellers, and homeowners.

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Sewer Scopes: Why they are an important service for all buyers, sellers, and homeowners.

When it comes to maintaining a home, most homeowners focus on visible aspects like exterior paint, roof condition, or landscaping. However, one crucial aspect that often goes unnoticed is the sewer system. That's where sewer scopes come into play – an essential, yet frequently overlooked component of home maintenance. In this post, we'll dive into the importance of sewer scopes, the process, and the potential issues they can help identify.

Why Are Sewer Scopes Important?
The condition of your home's sewer line is vital for a fully functioning property. Issues in the sewer line can lead to significant problems, including blockages, leaks, and even structural damage due to water intrusion. Regular sewer scope inspections can help:

  • Prevent Unforeseen Damage: Identifying issues early can prevent them from escalating into bigger, more costly problems.
  • Ensure System Efficiency: Regular checks ensure your sewage system operates efficiently.
  • Protect Home Value: Maintaining a healthy sewer system can enhance the overall value and appeal of your property.

How Are Sewer Scopes Conducted?

At Double H Inspections, our sewer scope process involves the following steps:

  • Access Point Identification: We locate the cleanout or access point to your sewer line, which is typically found in your basement, crawl space, outside, or possibly a sewer vent pipe on the roof.
  • High-Tech Camera Insertion: A flexible rod with a high-resolution camera at its tip is inserted into the sewer line. This camera relays real-time images back to the technician.
  • Comprehensive Inspection: As the camera navigates through the sewer line, we closely monitor the footage to identify any irregularities or issues within the pipe.
  • Detailed Reporting: Post-inspection, we provide a comprehensive report, complete with video footage, highlighting any areas of concern and recommending necessary actions.
  • We are trained and certified through InterNachi’s sewer scope certification program to know exactly what to look for when performing a sewer scope. 


Common Issues Uncovered by Sewer Scopes

Sewer scopes can reveal various problems that might otherwise remain hidden, including:

  • Blockages and Clogs: Roots intrusion, debris buildup, or other obstructions can be identified.
  • Pipe Damage: Cracks, breaks, or collapses in the sewer line can be detected.
  • Corrosion and Wear: Aging pipes or those affected by corrosion can be pinpointed.
  • Misalignments: Any misalignment or offset in the sewer line, often due to soil shifting or settling, can be discovered.
  • Defective materials: Organburge pipes are common in our area for homes built in the 1940s - 1970s.  If you are buying or living in a home of this age getting a sewer scope is very important. See more details from this previous blog post about Orangeburg. 


Who Should Consider a Sewer Scope?
Sewer scopes are essential for:

  • Home Buyers: Before purchasing a home, it's crucial to ensure that the sewer system is in good condition.
  • Home Sellers: Providing potential buyers with a recent sewer scope report can increase trust and expedite the sale process.
  • Existing Homeowners: Regular sewer scopes can be a key part of your home maintenance routine, especially for older homes.


Ignoring the health of your home's sewer line can lead to unpleasant surprises and expensive repairs. Sewer scopes are a simple, non-invasive way to keep tabs on one of the most crucial aspects of your property’s infrastructure. At Double H Inspections, we're equipped with the latest technology and expertise to ensure that your home's sewer system is thoroughly checked and maintained.


Remember, what you can't see can hurt your home. Schedule your sewer scope inspection today by visiting and ensure peace of mind about your property’s health from the ground up.


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