Why Mobile Homes Are Gaining Popularity

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Tough economic times coupled with inadequate affordable housing options have made it almost impossible for low and middle-income families to buy their dream homes. Mobile homes are an emerging trend for most people who can’t afford to build or purchase stick-built homes. Since their introduction, mobile homes have slowly gained prominence across the U.S. Below are three reasons why the demand for mobile homes for sale is spiraling.

1. Energy Efficiency

The demand for energy-efficient building structures is at an all-time high fueled by the increasing awareness of environmental conservation. Mobile homes provide a perfect getaway for homeowners to save on energy consumption.

Unlike before, modern mobile homes are designed primarily with energy efficiency in mind. These homes have made a reputable name for themselves through the design and materials used. Mobile homes are also constructed in controlled environments, with great emphasis on sustainability, recycling, and reduction of material waste.

Integrated heating and cooling systems also make mobile homes energy efficient. Modern homes use advanced heating and cooling systems, such as smart thermostats, which reduce energy consumption. Other appliances and household fixtures in modern mobile homes have also improved, with most being Energy-Star certified. Superior insulation, energy-efficient windows, and tighter ductwork also improve mobile homes’ energy efficiency. 

2. Customization Options

Modern mobile homes greatly vary from initial designs. Mobile home manufacturers currently build these homes as they are ordered. This gives potential buyers an opportunity to customize their mobile home to their liking. You can choose from various color options and decide what amenities and upgrades to install, among other customization options. Mobile home builders offer different customization options, including:

  • Floor plans: You can decide to move rooms, add room dividers, change the layout of the primary bathroom, add flex space, or add an extra bedroom.
  • Kitchen: You can introduce various design options to your kitchen, such as a kitchen island, countertops, or vent hoods.
  • Living room: You can add a fireplace, change the paint, or include built-in entertainment centers in your living room.

Mobile home buyers can also change the interior and exterior paint, roofing, siding, and more.

3. Mobile Homes can Appreciate

Mobile homes are also becoming more popular because they are appreciated. The common misconception that buying a mobile home isn’t a good investment because it depreciate immediately after the initial sale isn’t entirely true. Mobile homes appreciate over time just like stick-built homes.

Like stick-built homes, the value of mobile homes is determined by market-based appraisals and NADA book value. However, the NADA book value doesn’t accurately value mobile homes. As such, most people rely on market-based appraisals, which consider the inspection report and the value of similar mobile homes in the area.

The size, age, interior and exterior condition of the mobile home greatly affect its value. The land in which the mobile home sits also appreciates over time, which makes investing in a mobile home a worthwhile idea.


Buying or building a home with the prevailing economic situation is challenging. Mobile homes are a life-saver for most individuals and families. Minimalists and homeowners who want to downsize should also consider this housing option. 

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