Best Restaurants in Foley, Alabama: Your Food Paradise

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Are you excited to start your culinary adventure in Foley, Alabama? This delightful Southern town has a wealth of dining experiences waiting for you to explore. From traditional Southern comfort food to delectable Italian cuisine, Foley boasts a diverse range of restaurants that cater to various tastes and preferences. In this guide, we'll introduce you to some of the top-rated restaurants in Foley, Alabama, and explore the Italian dining options that will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Before diving into the delightful world of Foley's restaurants, let's take a moment to savor the culinary scene in Foley, Alabama.

Indulging in the Southern Charms

Nestled in the heart of the Deep South, Foley, Alabama, takes pride in showcasing a culinary scene that beautifully mirrors the vibrant tapestry of its culture. Prepare yourself for a delightful journey through the authentic flavors of Southern cuisine, where sweet, savory, and spicy elements harmoniously converge. Get ready to treat your taste buds to timeless classics like shrimp and grits, crispy fried green tomatoes, and the beloved gumbo.

A Taste of Freshness, Straight from the Farm

What makes Foley's culinary offerings truly exceptional? It's the unwavering commitment to using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Many of the area's restaurants have embraced the farm-to-table concept, ensuring that each dish is a masterpiece crafted with the finest, freshest produce available. This dedication to quality not only elevates the taste of every meal but also provides vital support to our local farming community.

Top-Rated Restaurants in Foley, AL

Wolf Bay Restaurant at Foley

Nestled along the scenic shores of Wolf Bay, Wolf Bay Restaurant in Foley stands as a cherished dining spot, embodying the flavors and essence of Gulf Coast cuisine. With its rustic coastal decor and friendly atmosphere, this restaurant offers a delightful experience for seafood lovers. Their menu boasts a selection of fresh seafood delights, ranging from delectable crab claws to irresistibly mouthwatering shrimp dishes. Don't miss their signature dish, the Fried Crab Claws, a local favorite. Whether you're looking for a family-friendly spot or a romantic dinner with waterfront views, Wolf Bay Restaurant has you covered.

Lambert's Cafe

When it comes to Southern hospitality and comfort food, Lambert's Cafe is the place to be. Known for their famous "throwed rolls," where servers toss warm, fluffy rolls to eager diners, Lambert's is all about hearty portions and a down-home atmosphere. You'll also find Southern classics on the menu, including crispy fried chicken, flavorful catfish, and juicy pork chops, all served with your favorite fixings. It's the kind of place where you'll leave with a full belly and a smile on your face.

Fish River Grill

Fish River Grill is a must-visit spot in Foley for a taste of local flavor and casual dining. This family-owned restaurant is known for its welcoming ambiance and Gulf Coast-inspired dishes. Their menu is a treasure trove of seafood delights, offering grilled and fried options alongside mouthwatering po'boys that are sure to satisfy your cravings. Their signature dish, the "Fried Grouper Throats," is a unique and delicious choice. With friendly service and reasonable prices, Fish River Grill is a great place to experience the flavors of Foley.

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen

If you're a fan of Paula Deen's Southern cooking, you'll be delighted to find Paula Deen's Family Kitchen in Foley. This restaurant is all about traditional Southern comfort food served family-style. The menu features classics like fried chicken, pot roast, and creamy macaroni and cheese. The best part? You can enjoy a variety of these delectable dishes all in one meal. It's the perfect spot for a hearty Southern feast with family and friends.

The Brick Oven

For those craving Italian cuisine in Foley, The Brick Oven is a top choice. This charming restaurant sets the stage for a cozy and intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. When it comes to the menu, you'll discover a delightful selection of Italian classics, including pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and a tempting array of antipasti. The attention to detail and use of fresh ingredients make dining at The Brick Oven a delightful experience for lovers of Italian food.

Italian Restaurants in Foley, AL

Gelato Joe's Italian Restaurant & Bar

Gelato Joe's is a beloved Italian restaurant in Foley that combines authentic Italian flavors with a fun and casual atmosphere. As the name suggests, they are famous for their delicious gelato, which comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their menu boasts a diverse array of Italian delights, spanning from mouthwatering pasta and delectable pizza to savory seafood and juicy steak options. If you're dining on a beautiful day, don't miss the chance to savor your meal on their inviting outdoor patio.

Valerio’s Pizza & Italian

Valerio's Pizza & Italian is a hidden gem in Foley, offering some of the best pizza in town. Their pizza is handcrafted with fresh ingredients and a secret family recipe sauce that keeps locals coming back for more. Alongside their tempting pizza offerings, they also delight in serving a range of other Italian favorites, such as calzones, stromboli, and a delightful selection of pasta dishes. The friendly staff and affordable prices make Valerio's a favorite among both residents and visitors.

Mamma Mia! Pizzeria

If you're looking for a taste of authentic Italian pizza in Foley, Mamma Mia! Pizzeria has you covered. This family-owned pizzeria takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods to create mouthwatering pizzas. Their menu offers a variety of specialty pizzas, as well as build-your-own options, so you can customize your pizza to your liking. With a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, Mamma Mia! Pizzeria is a fantastic choice for pizza enthusiasts.


Despite its modest size, Foley, Alabama, offers an impressive array of dining choices that will satisfy your culinary cravings. Whether you're in the mood for Southern comfort food or crave the flavors of Italy, Foley has something to satisfy every palate. From the waterfront delights of Wolf Bay Restaurant to the throwed rolls at Lambert's Cafe and the gelato at Gelato Joe's, a culinary adventure awaits you in this charming Alabama town. So, add these top-rated restaurants to your list and get ready for a gastronomic journey through Foley's finest dining establishments.

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