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Foreign Document Apostille Certificate

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it is an  internationally recognized authentication seal applied or a certificate attached to your documents for use abroad. It is a legal certification affixed to documents to validate their legitimacy for international use, Frequently apostilled documents at our office  include birth certificates, marriage licenses, academic transcripts, powers if attorney, business documents, etc. ensuring they are valid and legal in countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention.


The Apostille simplifies the process. This certificate enhances document trustworthiness, facilitating seamless cross-border transactions, legal proceedings, and educational or professional pursuits while promoting international cooperation and ease of communication.


 This official seal confirms that the document originates from an official source and complies with specific standards. It simplifies the complex process of cross-border document recognition by providing a universally accepted verification mechanism. 


Typically applied by competent authorities, the authentication seal, in the case of an Apostille, ensures that documents like birth certificates or academic transcripts meet international requirements, facilitating smoother transactions, legal processes, and academic or professional endeavors across different countries.


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SEESAN, a previously Licensed Real Estate Agent, Commissioned Mobile Notary specializing in Trust/Estate Planning Signings and Reverse Mortgage Loan Signings for seniors. He uses his expertise, knowledge, and experience to help numerous seniors to maintain their security, independance, and dignity. He is a blogger, a seniors advocate and has many years experience in mortgage loan servicing and real estate industries and has  an MBA in business management. He loves what he does and receives much joy with the services  he provides and benefits seniors and their families receive from them. His services also help reverse mortgage lenders to improve the customer experience by offering excellent signing services. He understands the intricacies of a reverse mortgage transaction, the process, and the documents. He will be your trusted partner to build a signing experience customized for lenders' customers.

One of the primary reasons that lenders for utilizing him  is to provide a convenience to the borrower.  He  makes it possible for the borrower to sign their loan documents wherever it is most convenient for them.  This can be practically anywhere, but it is usually in the comfort of their own home.  This is especially beneficial for Reverse Mortgage borrowers. He  prints the documents, takes them to the borrower, gets the required signatures, then promptly delivers the loan documents.  He takes care of everything for the borrower as well as the lenders. And when he's not covering the reverse mortgage industry, SEESAN enjoys politics, news, movies, comics, soccer games and life with his wife.

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