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An important component of a  home inspection is the inspection of the  roof. From the outside of the home, on a peaked shaped roof, a home inspector can make a visual inspection from the ground level. To get an even closer look he or she may use binoculars. Although most inspectors will climb onto the roof, some may not climb a ladder and walk up on your roof for safety reasons. From the inside of the home, if possible through the attic or opened crawlspaces, an additional look will be  taken which is just as important as the exterior inspection. 

From the exterior, the focus will be on the following things:

1. The roof covering: Are there broken pieces or  bubbling? The home inspector will try to determine the age of the roof and can let you know the roof material and design. 
2.  Items penetrating the roof: The inspector will inspect the exterior skylights, vents, exterior of the chimney and everything else coming from the roof along with their flashings.

The Roof framing: The outside frame of the roof will be checked for rotting, deflection, or other signs of deterioration.                                      

4. Drainage: At the time of the roof inspection, the gutters and downspouts or drainage system is normally checked to make sure water is draining off of the roof properly. 
5.  Obstructions: The  roof will be checked to make sure tree branches, leaves, or other vegetation are not touching the surface along with other obstructions which may cause premature wear on the roof.  

From the interior,  the inspection will focus on:

1. The Roof Decking: Signs of rot, holes, breaks, leaks, or other damage.
2. Items Penetrating Outward: Area around vents and other items penetrating out are checked for signs of water leaks.
3. Interior Framing: The interior framing is checked for signs of rot, breaks, or other damage.

These are the basics that make up the inspection of a roof. The home inspector will provide you with a complete summary of this part of the complete home inspection,  and can also help make recommendations if needed. 

Roof Maintenance Tips:

If you want to help keep that roof over your head in good shape,  here are 
a some tips:

  • Make sure the roof drains properly and keep gutters and downspouts clear of all debris and obstructions.

  • Make sure nothing is touching the roof like tree branches, leaves, or vegetation.

  • Repair leaks as quickly as possible. A leak can cause rotting in the deck and this rot spreads easily, so catching it early is the key to preventing other major repairs on your roof.

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