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Columbia SC is ripe for 203k renovations

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Columbia SC is ripe for 203k renovations

We have been doing FHA 203k renovation projects in and around Columbia SC for over twenty years now. Thank you all who have made us the largest consultant in South Carolina for many years now. We appreciate you.

Mike Young Team SCWe have done minor repairs and full home renovations. This photo is typical of  what we find in older homes, we just rewire the entire home and upgrade the main service panel if needed. In the days when this was popular many times they only had a 30 amp breaker serving the entire home.

Mike Young Team South Carolina 2We can do retaining walls, any type retaining wall that might fit your situation better. Mike Young Team SC 3Just let us know what you want.

Mike Young Team Columbia SC This pool and deck surround was installed along with a BBQ station using the FNMA HomeStyle® Renovation Mortgage product. With FHA you can now repair an existing pool but you can't install a new pool with FHA 203k loan.

203k Columbia SC Mike Young TeamThere is my handy little inspection vehicle. Great for the signage. The day I drove it home after getting the wrap I got a call from the sign on the back, a guy was in the car behind me and needed our services. They say we get about 600 views per hour while driving with a good advertising wrap. South Carolina 203k loans with Mike Young TeamWe have done original log cabins. This one took build a modern 2 x 4" stud wall inside the logs so we had something to insulate and run wiring and plumbing concealed.  SC 203k with Mike Young TeamWe can even do modern day log cabins if you prefer. The only criteria for a 203k potential home to qualify is that it must have had a certificate of occupancy at least 12 months prior to doing the 203k work. That goes for any home for that matter. 

We have done 18 month homes that just needed paint and floor coverings. We had a 13 month old home that they just needed to update the floor coverings, paint and they added a garage. If you aren't sure if your home qualifies whether it is a refinance of your existing home or purchasing of a fixer we are happy to assist you. 

If you are having issues with your current renovation project we might be able to assist you since everyone else in the transaction may be pressuring you to go against what you may think is right... we can be the guys on your side. 

If you are thinking of selling your home you may want a feasibility analysis so you know what the issues are that are negotiable  and what isn't your problem to negotiate. We have offices in Columbia and Spartanburg SC.

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