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Well, it's been approx. 1 & ½ years since hurricane Rita hit the Southeast Texas Area.  I can remember, just like it was yesterday, rolling into Beaumont Texas and our beautiful tree's scattered all over the ground.  I currently live in a pretty new sub-division where myself and my neighbors have complained about having NO large tree's....but after Rita not one single sole has ever breathed another word about tree's and how if we had them our homes would not stay so hot in the heat of the summer.  We were one of the lucky sub-division that had no major damage,  As I pulled back into town and saw the damage that was done to the Southeast Texas area I became afraid of what this would do to our Local business' and the Real Estate industry.  We were due to have a record month for closings and all of that had obviously fallen thru and most of the homes that we had contracts for had major damage.  It was very interesting how the sellers and buyers worked with each other.  Some pending deals still closed a few months later and some never resolved issues so the buyers went on to find other homes.   Which as you can probably guess the selection of homes with no damage were few and far between!!

I had a terrible fear that we were just going to have to close up and find something else to do.  One Sunday after church, Linda Harris, Realtor with American Real Estate, http://www.lkhsell@aol.com/  and I went to a nearby townhouse addition that had been deemed unlivable and had given notices to the occupants that they had 6 hours to be out of their homes.  We passed out our cards and some fliers that we had made up and qualified several clients to purchase their home.  This news traveled pretty fast.  Just this month, March 2007, we closed one of the clients that we solicited that day...that had no idea that they could even qualify for a Mortgage Loan. This is just one of several first time home buyers that we assisted and are now home owners.  After that weekend our phones have not stopped ringing and we have been truly blessed!!  However the memory of clients coming into my office that were living in their cars will always remain with me.  I counseled with families that were living apart for over a year. Some of them were living in hotels and the closest hotel available would be in Houston and they had to drive back and forth daily to go to work.  It was a huge hardship on many!!


 Hurricane Rita caused us many hardships!!!  However, it has brought tons of new opportunities our way.  We have so many special Rita Go Zone Loans to offer our clients.

The MY COMMUNITY LOAN has been my client's best option.  We also have several different creative BOND ISSUES' that are available.  The Bond may not be for every borrower!!  However with all of the different and creative loans types that we have to offer everyone in BEAUMONT, NEDERALND, PORT ARTHUR, VIDOR, and ORANGE TEXAS everyone should be able to purchase a home.  Please feel free to give me us a call and we can educate you on how to have the dream of homeownership!!

To learn more about homeownership please visit my web site at http://www.reneepomonis.com/

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