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How To Find the Perfect Home In A Unpredictable Housing Market

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The events of 2020 meant that many citizens could easily work from home. This created a great deal of flexibility in their housing options and their financial choices. We also learned that our homes needed to provide more than shelter; we needed a way to work, play and even exercise in our home.


Getting the Best Deal

Sell for the best price


Start packing long before you have a moving date. Once you decide to sell, you need to stage the house as though it's an AirBNB. It should be spotless and comfortable. It should also be neutral.


Family pictures need to go away. If you've painted your kitchen a deep aqua because you love that color, it may be time to consider painting it white. If you don't want to repaint, do your best to keep the rest of the color scheme neutral.


The move toward minimalism and tiny houses means that a home with wide open spaces can be quite attractive. Even of you love candles, flowers and other artistic touches, aim to stage the house with just a few pieces. One bouquet of flowers in the dining room is enough for the whole main floor. Keep flat surface free of objects that might be viewed as clutter.


Buy the ideal home


Look for a realtor that listens to your requests from the start. Make a list of your home goals for the next five years so your realtor can serve as a partner in your search for a perfect house.


Perhaps you're looking to downsize and buy a home where you can safely age in place. Your realtor will need to be on the lookout for single story homes with simple access. A home with a maintenance free exterior and a community with sidewalks and walking paths will also be helpful.


If you're just starting your family, a small house on a big lot might be a great option. Do keep an eye out for home valuations in the area; if you're planning to expand the house, you need to buy one of the smallest homes in the neighborhood to maintain the value of the home.


Features to Consider As You Shop


Be very careful about buying a project house or an older home that needs a lot of work. If you and your spouse already have a full-time job, or if you have young children, living in a constant state of renovation is exhausting.


Look for a home that is live-in ready, especially if you need to move on your closing date. Unless the home is in dire need of new flooring, move in and live there for a while before you make any major changes. Paint on the walls is a great choice in the first year. Moving walls is not.


Work with a realtor who really understands your housing needs for the next few years. Unless you have time, skills and plenty of cash, don't buy a home that needs a lot of work. Take the time to simply organize and relax into your home so you can make the right changes.

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