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Saturday Soundness ~ Health from the Soil?

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It's been a hot minute since my last, "Saturday Soundness" post. This post may seem to have a really strange title. Soil? What on earth?

I have been, "digging in" to the subject of "soil" for a while and wanted to share some really interesting information with you. We all understand the various soil types from the fine, powdery types, to hardened clay. Each type of soil has a different mineral content, organic makeup, and compaction differentiations.

We know that soil is imperative for growing food, anchoring plants to prevent erosion, and, building our homes and structures upon. Soil is essential in our world for a variety of reasons. But let's take this topic a bit deeper.

As the cold, flu and other "strange" disease variants continue to emerge, taking care of ourselves is imperative now more than ever. I have written past posts about the care of our immune system and the importance of proper nutrition and rest. All of these are important.

Soil, however, has proven to deliver a powerful medicine in the form of Ivermectin. Now before you turn up your nose, hear me out. This medicine is derived from the soil and the scientist who discovered it went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize. And, this medicine comes directly from our soil.

I have used this product with my farm animals for years and until the past few years, never studied its powerful effects on the human body. And of course, there are those people out there who will tell you that this medicine will hurt humans. Not true. After I began really going deeper into this subject did I understand the chemical makeup and it all began to make sense.

To believe that we treat all of our mammal animals from dogs, cats, cows, sheep, goats, etc. with this powerful anti-parasitic product and that we as humans don't also become infected with parasites just doesn't make sense. What I have learned is that many of our so-called dis-eases, are a result of the endotoxins emitted from parasites in our bodies. Now, none of us wants to believe this, but sadly, it is reality.

I began taking this product myself three years ago after extensively researching. I began with very small doses and worked up to taking it weekly, and then daily. My personal findings have been nothing short of amazing! 

My most amazing result has been, ZERO colds, flu, or other upper respiratory issues. And remember, I live with one lung so it is imperative that I not get any of these illnesses. Another result has been, less brain fog, clearer whites of my eyes, and a tummy that no longer is bloated and uncomfortable. My waist size went down dramatically.

Now, hear me out. These results took time as I diligently stayed with my experiment. What I have also discovered is when I am going to be around a lot of people, I will double up on my dosage. The best part of this discovery, a tube costs around $11 and can be easily purchased. I keep a lot on hand.

Sadly, the mainstream likes to keep this topic under lock and key. In fact, this post may even be shadow-banned because of the topic. We shall see. If you would like to visit with me personally, feel free to reach out. I feel the urge to get this information out to those who may need to hear this.

And remember, I am NOT a medical doctor. I am a student of research. I seek out truth and I do my homework. Blessings to you as you seek to find the best journey of health and wellness.

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Jeffrey DiMuria 321.223.6253 Waves Realty
Waves Realty - Melbourne, FL
Florida Space Coast Homes

...what is sad...the fact that this "drug" is reasonably priced, means it will likely never gain favor with our big pharma driven medical system.

Jan 27, 2024 08:06 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Jeffrey, you are SPOT on! It is a corrupt system that is all about making  $$$$

Jan 27, 2024 10:58 AM
Carol Williams
Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals. - Wenatchee, WA
Retired Agent / Broker / Prop. Mgr, Wenatchee, WA

Hi Paula,
I am certainly interested in more info. I live with severely damaged lungs from 3 bouts of pneumonia. I am all for anything to avoid respiratory problems.

Follow the money and we know why mainstream medicine buries information like this.

Jan 27, 2024 08:58 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Exactly, Carol! You are correct in saying, "follow the money".

Jan 27, 2024 10:59 AM
Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - San Jose, CA
Probate Real Estate Services


Yes, I have heard about this Dr. Paula McDonald - I know you do EXTENSIVE research. I have no doubts about the results you report here.  You are all about seeking Truth. 

Jan 27, 2024 10:35 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Yes, Kathleen! Sadly as you are aware, the truth on so many wonderful methods of healing are being suppressed.

Jan 27, 2024 10:59 AM
Ed Silva, 203-206-0754
Mapleridge Realty, CT 203-206-0754 - Waterbury, CT
Central CT Real Estate Broker Serving all equally

That sounds most interesting and something that is worth investigation. I will have to do a little research as we all do ingest a lot of stuff an finding a way to stay healthier is a good thing.

Jan 27, 2024 12:37 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Ed, you will be amazed by your findings when you start investigating. Known to destroy over 6,000 human ailments. 

Jan 27, 2024 03:52 PM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Hi Paula- I agree with what Jeffrey DiMuria 321.223.6253 Waves Realty said. At this point, there is no money in it for big Pharma so we will get bupkis from them. However, never underestimate someone coming along to make it available only through Big Pharma and slapping an FDA label on it and raising the price 100-fold. 

Jan 27, 2024 01:54 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Spot on regarding the $$ as that is what it all boils down to. 

Jan 27, 2024 03:53 PM
Kathleen Daniels, Probate & Trust Specialist
KD Realty - 408.972.1822 - San Jose, CA
Probate Real Estate Services



Mr. Crappy Says

Do Your Own Research

Before You Flush

Medical Alternatives





Jan 27, 2024 03:23 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Thank you for the, "Crappy" feature. Love it! :)


Jan 27, 2024 03:53 PM
Leanne Smith
Dirt Road Real Estate - Golden Valley, AZ
The Grit and Gratitude Agent

Ah the not so good side of capitalism especially when firms are in cahoots with the federal government and other sites restrict the free flow of information.

Jan 27, 2024 04:07 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Yes, Leanne. Restriction and shadow-banning are what is happening and we can no longer sit by and allow it to happen.

Jan 27, 2024 08:43 PM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten
HomeSmart Real Estate - Phoenix, AZ

I've heard good things about this Paula.  Many poo-pooed it as it wasn't 'politically correct' to promote it or in fact even murmur the name during the whole C debacle.  I'm all ears.  Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

Featured in BananaTude


Jan 27, 2024 04:42 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

You bet, Anna. And, thank you for the feature. I have been feeling the need to step up and get this truth out there. 

Jan 27, 2024 08:44 PM
Kathy Streib
Cypress, TX
Home Stager/Redesign

Jan 27, 2024 07:17 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Thank you for featuring this, Kathy in your weekly group post. It is an important topic that needs to be heard.

Jan 27, 2024 08:45 PM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

I know that what you are saying is 100% true and more people need to understand it.  Sadly, so many people have been brainwashed by the politicians who have become rich by doing so.  The grocery stores are filled with poison.

Jan 28, 2024 04:53 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

I am glad that you are aware of what is really going on. I have been "awakened" for many years now and have been accused of being that "conspiracy" person. But, truth that is getting banned is always a sure way to know "they" don't want you to know certain things.


Jan 28, 2024 11:15 AM
faye schubert
Retired - Branson, MO
Living the Branson Lake Life

I trust your thorough research and it is a shame how ivermectin was blasted by those "leaders" who said it didn't work to help with covid, BUT IT DID!


Jan 28, 2024 05:45 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Exactly, Faye. It truly helps with over 6,000 human diseases and issues.

Jan 28, 2024 11:16 AM
Kat Palmiotti
eXp Commercial, Referral Divison - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

I read quite a bit about this product during the entire "C" event and am not at all surprised by your research. And also would not be surprised if this blog were to go poof!

Jan 28, 2024 06:12 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Kat, this is very true. We shall watch and see. I too would not be surprised if it is shadow-banned.

Jan 28, 2024 11:16 AM
Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393

Hello Paula - digging does have its advantages.  As well as disadvantages.  Mired in much muck may be among them. 

Explorers, scientists and other discoverers of such stuff often see setbacks as opportunities and possibilities.  Of learning and lessons of progress, perspective and additional thought/thinking.  It's a part of the process.  The subject is definitely above my paygrade.  

Jan 28, 2024 06:53 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Hi Michael. It may be above your paygrade but it could possibly change your life if you ever need it.

Jan 28, 2024 11:17 AM
Nick Vandekar, 610-203-4543
Realty ONE Group Advocates 484-237-2055 - Downingtown, PA
Selling the Main Line & Chester County

I have always felt that what we eat has a big impact upon how we feel and are. I know certain foods leave me feeling tired and others give me energy. So I can believe that something like this can be very helpful.

Jan 28, 2024 09:45 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Spot on, Nick. We are made up of what we ingest. Unfortunately, our food that is so highly processed is killing us.

Jan 28, 2024 11:18 AM
Michael J. Perry
KW Elite - Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA Relo Specialist

So the product is Ivermectin ? How often are you taking it ? Is it available over the counter ?

Jan 28, 2024 10:31 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Michael. You can buy it locally at any feed store or even in bulk via Amazon. I take it daily for the most part - just the size of a #2 pencil eraser tip. If I am going to be around a lot of people, I will take two doses - one in the morning and one at night.

Jan 28, 2024 11:19 AM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

I am not a fan of Big Pharma.  That being said, I have also learned that alternative medicine can sometimes have its drawbacks too. Special care needs to be taken with Ivermectin.  I have a sister that took it during Covid. We worried we were going to lose her to dehydration and diarrhea.   

In 1975, my mother died from cervical cancer.  She was anti Big Medicine, and she had been eating apricot pits (laetrile).  As a result, the cancer spread to her brain and liver. In contrast, in 1989, I was diagnosed with the same cancer as my mother.  I had the surgery, didn't require chemo, and have remained healthy since.

I think it is important to research both sides when it comes to health issues and disease.  There are pros and cons on both sides.  

I especially believe as you do that a healthy diet and lifestyle are important for all of us.

Jan 28, 2024 01:04 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Absolutely, Myrl. Each person and their own health journey must assess and make decisions that are best for them. I do know that the more parasites that are present in a person as well as toxic build-up, one can experience Herximer effects from the parasitic die-off. This part can be uncomfortable for sure. 

Jan 28, 2024 06:47 PM
Mike McCann Nebraska Land Broker
Mike McCann - Broker, Mach1 Realty Farm & Commercial Land Broker-Auctioneer Serving Nebraska - Kearney, NE
Farm & Commercial Property For Sale 308-627-3700

Thank you for sharing your research and thoughts. I will do more research on the product as I am interested.  Have a great week.

Jan 28, 2024 07:19 PM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Let me know if you need any other information. Best of health to you.

Jan 31, 2024 07:31 AM
Dorie Dillard Austin TX
Coldwell Banker Realty ~ 512.750.6899 - Austin, TX
NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek and Spicewood/Balcones

Good morning Paula,

What an informative post! I'm so glad that Kathy Streib featured it in her Sunday series!

Jan 29, 2024 04:49 AM
Dr. Paula McDonald

Thanks, Dorie. This truly is important information to get out there as the MSM will not touch it.

Jan 31, 2024 07:31 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience in this interesting post. 

I've been to two medical appointments today. Trying to stay healthy is at the top of my mind.

Jan 31, 2024 12:07 PM
Patricia Kennedy
RLAH@properties - Washington, DC
Home in the Capital

Paula, I recently did a deep dive into Integrative Medicine in general and functional mushrooms in particular. And NIH is now doing studies on many of the old eastern Asian treatments. And they have a lot of information on Ivermectin on PubMed, their information site that can be accessed by the public. Sounds really interesting. 

Apr 06, 2024 06:36 PM