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16 Common Types of Bathrooms

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The goal of remodeling your bathroom is to create a room that not only serves a useful purpose but also showcases your unique style and improves the overall appearance of your house. The kind of bathroom that is chosen is crucial to this makeover. From modern to Victorian, 3Rs Construction & Remodeling in Salem, Oregon, offers experience and imagination to guide you through the many bathroom styles. This guide delves into 16 different types of bathrooms, providing advice and ideas to help you decide which style is best for you while you remodel.

A contemporary bathroom type may have modern elegance and clean lines.

1. Contemporary Bathroom Elegance

  • Characteristics: This style of bathroom uses clean, simple lines, neutral color schemes, and minimalist design to create a calm, clutter-free environment. This design is renowned for its minimalism and clear, sharp lines that exude a feeling of contemporary elegance.
  • Remodeling Advice: Use floating vanities to generate an open and spacious sense, frameless glass showers for a seamless appearance, and contemporary fixtures that exude refinement and sleekness to achieve this style.

An eclectic bathroom design can blend styles with flair.

2. Bathroom Eclectic Design

  • Characteristics: Eclectic bathrooms combine components that would not typically match to create a distinct and individualized space. Instead, they are a harmonic blend of diverse styles and periods.
  • Remodeling Advice: Use vivid colors to provide vitality and personality, mix textures and patterns boldly, and add one-of-a-kind accessories that express your personal taste and style to create an eclectic bathroom.

A Victorian bathroom type can have a touch of charm & elegance.

3. Victorian Bathroom Elegance

  • Characteristics: Known for its elaborate tile patterns, magnificent clawfoot tubs, and elaborate details, Victorian-style bathrooms exude luxury and historical appeal.
  • Remodeling Advice: To update a Victorian bathroom, mix traditional features like clawfoot tubs with more contemporary features like heated floors, modern plumbing, and effective lighting. This will create a harmonious blend of vintage elegance and modern comfort.

A traditional & timeless bathroom will feature elegant fixtures & classic features.

4. Appreciating the Timeless Appeal of Traditional Bathrooms

  • Elements: Traditional bathrooms have a timeless appearance that radiates refinement and comfort thanks to its exquisite fixtures, vintage tile patterns, and rich wood tones.
  • Remodeling Advice: To give a modern twist to a traditional bathroom, replace outdated hardware like faucets and knobs. This will update the space while preserving its classic aesthetic.

Create your Tropical bathroom paradise with plants & warm earth tones.

5. Making your Own Paradise Bathroom

  • Elements: To create a tranquil and exotic space that conjures the spirit of a tropical holiday, tropical bathrooms make use of lush plants, plenty of natural light, and brilliant colors.
  • Remodeling Advice: To achieve this style, utilize natural materials like teak and bamboo and tropical color schemes that bring the outdoors in with shades of green, blue, and warm earth tones.

A transitional bathroom can include both modern and classic trends.

6. Where Classic Meets Modern Bathroom

  • Elements: Transitional bathrooms provide a well-balanced, timeless, and contemporary area by combining modern and traditional components.
  • Remodeling Advice: To create a space that transitions between classic and modern styles, combine timeless tile designs with contemporary vanities and lighting fixtures.

A rustic bathroom retreat can be nature-inspired.

7. Rustic Bathrooms with a Nature Design

  • Elements: Exposure of wood, stone, and a natural color scheme are examples of natural characteristics that rustic bathrooms embrace to create a cozy, earthy, and welcoming area.
  • Remodeling Advice: To get the appearance, use natural stone for walls or floors, reclaimed wood for vanities or accents, and vintage fixtures to create a genuine rustic feel that is homey and in one with nature.

A southwestern bathroom style has an earthy & enchanting look.

8. Earthy & Enchanting Southwestern Bathroom:

  • Elements: Earthy hues, terracotta accents, and Native American motifs define southwestern-style bathrooms, which provide a cozy, welcoming area with a distinctive regional flair.
  • Remodeling Advice: To add genuine Southwestern elements and improve the overall appearance of the bathroom, incorporate Southwestern fabrics such as rugs or towels, pottery, and artwork.

Shabby-chic bathrooms combine vintage & elegance.

9. Vintage Elegance- Shabby Chic Bathroom

  • Elements: Shabby-chic bathrooms blend a damaged aesthetic with vintage elegance to create a sophisticated, feminine, and romantic atmosphere.
  • Remodeling Advice: To create a shabby-chic appearance that combines old-world charm with modernism, use pastel colors, flowery patterns, and vintage furnishings.

A modern minimalism bathroom has a sleek & sophisticated look.

10. Minimalistic Bathroom

  • Elements: A monochromatic color scheme, minimalistic design, and clean lines characterize modern bathrooms, giving them a sleek, contemporary air.
  • Remodeling Advice: To keep a minimalist look, go for simple and utilitarian features like hidden storage, frameless mirrors, and streamlined fixtures.

You can capture the beach essence by creating a coastal bathroom vibe.

11. Beach Style Bathroom

  • Elements: Creating a Light, Airy, and Calm Space: Beach bathrooms employ oceanic hues, sandy tones, and beach-themed décor to evoke the essence of the beach.
  • Remodeling Advice: To create a calm and revitalizing sanctuary in your bathroom, incorporate sea glass tiles, driftwood accents, and nautical decorations.

If you are looking for a bathroom with Artisanal beauty & quality, a Craftsman style is for you.

12. Artisanal Bathroom - Craftsman Style

  • Elements: Handcrafted tiles, built-in cabinets, and handmade woodwork highlight the use of natural materials and fine craftsmanship in craftsman-style bathrooms.
  • Remodeling Advice: To emphasize the Craftsman style and give the bathroom personality and warmth, use stained glass windows and earthy color palettes.

A farmhouse bathroom design is cozy & comforting.

13. Cozy Farmhouse Style

  • Elements: Farmhouse bathrooms are warm, inviting spaces that blend nostalgia and functionality by fusing rustic charm with contemporary amenities.
  • Remodeling Advice: For a farmhouse aesthetic that combines modern and rustic features, consider using shiplap walls, apron-front sinks, and barn doors for shower enclosures or closets.

If you are looking for an edgy & bold bathroom, then industrial-chic style is for you.

14. Edgy Chic Bathroom

  • Elements: Bold and edgy, seeming urban and modern, industrial bathrooms feature raw materials, exposed pipes, and a monochromatic color scheme.
  • Remodeling Advice: To create an industrial look that emphasizes texture and raw beauty, use salvaged wood, metal accents, and concrete for worktops and floors.

A midcentury bathroom has a retro vibe with modern touches.

15. Modern-Retro Bathroom

  • Elements: Retro appeal combined with a contemporary touch, midcentury bathrooms are characterized by geometric shapes, vivid colors, and midcentury fixtures.
  • Decorating Advice: To achieve a midcentury design that combines old flair with modern sensibility, add period-appropriate tiles, teak wood accessories, and retro lighting.

A Mediterranean bathroom can be a luxurious & lively oasis.

16. Luxurious Mediterranean Bathroom:

  • Elements: Terracotta tiles, stucco walls, and elaborate ironwork are characteristics of Mediterranean-style bathrooms that combine to create a warm, welcoming area with a wide range of cultural influences.
  • Decorating Advice: To create a bathroom that evokes the laid-back yet sophisticated lifestyle of the Mediterranean, use mosaic tiles, arches, and warm yellows and blues as your primary colors.

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This guide covers a variety of bathroom styles, each with its own distinct appeal and personality, from the sleek simplicity of a modern design to the warm allure of a farmhouse style.

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