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Random Thoughts…Football Withdrawal

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Random Thoughts…Football Withdrawal


In years past, I would be having my annual football withdrawal. While I still love a well-played game of football, there has been a misplaced emphasis on all things other than the game of football. 

Nevertheless…a few random thoughts…


~Just when I thought I understood the Rules for Overtime, they go and change them.  


~It is amazing that the Chiefs with 3 seconds left in regular play managed to tie the game with a field goal. And with 3 seconds left in the first quarter of overtime, Patrick Mahomes throws the ball for the game-winning touchdown. 

Takeaway…Keep fighting until the end!!



~When the Chiefs won, why was it necessary to focus the cameras on Travis Kelce’s girlfriend? (Yes, I know why and it is part of what is turning many away from the game)

~Half-time?  Mildly entertaining Click here for the top ranked half-time shows.

~The Ads…Let’s face it…this is why many of the viewers even bother to watch the Super Bowl

I loved the State Farm commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger!


Some of the ads were forgettable while others left me wondering what they meant. 


You can learn more about which ads ranked the highest and the worst and the best of the ads. 


~Finally, it is the Super Bowl…football. I want to be entertained and do not want or need someone to tell me how to think or that what I think is wrong. 



Now…bring on March Madness!


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Lise Howe
Keller Williams Capital Properties - Washington, DC
Assoc. Broker in DC, MD, VA and attorney in DC

Lets hear it for March madness - my favorite always was the ACC tournament but now that the ACC is no longer the North Carolina schools and UVA and such - the conference is not the same for me. 

Feb 13, 2024 06:08 AM
Kathy Streib

Lise Howe the conferences are too messed up. The university of Central FL is now in the Big 12!  And Texas and OK are not

Feb 13, 2024 07:23 AM
Kat Palmiotti
eXp Commercial, Referral Divison - Kalispell, MT
Helping your Montana dreams take root

Thank you for the links to the ads! I must have been in the bathroom during the pickleball etrade one - I didn't see that one. I also didn't see the Arnie one!

Feb 13, 2024 06:17 AM
Kathy Streib

Kat Palmiotti i missed the Pickleball one as well. There were a few that I didn’t get!

Feb 13, 2024 07:48 AM
Bill Salvatore - East Valley
Arizona Elite Properties - Chandler, AZ
Realtor - 602-999-0952 / em: golfArizona@cox.net

I so agree, however, we are fortunate to have 15 spring training sites open next week.  


Feb 13, 2024 06:30 AM
Kathy Streib

Bill Salvatore - East Valley  we used to go to the spring training games when we lived in FL!

Feb 13, 2024 07:49 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

It was a good game and Dolores and I enjoyed it. I had a book to read during the commercials and half time.

Feb 13, 2024 06:35 AM
Kathy Streib

Roy Kelley that was smart! That’s when I read some posts here

Feb 13, 2024 07:50 AM
Brian England
Ambrose Realty Management LLC - Gilbert, AZ
MBA, GRI, REALTOR® Real Estate in East Valley AZ

I never really have football withdrawal since college basketball is my favorite and it is in full swing!

Feb 13, 2024 07:12 AM
Kathy Streib

Brian England the Jayhawks were lousy last night! Coach Self was ejected

Feb 13, 2024 07:51 AM
Sharon Tara
Sharon Tara Transformations - Portsmouth, NH
Retired New Hampshire Home Stager

I, not being much of a football fan as you know, really did enjoy this game. Not so much the beginning of the game, but it really got interesting the second half.

As for "Kelce's girlfriend"....LOVED every minute of it. Loved how it sent so many people into such a tailspin. 

Feb 13, 2024 07:34 AM
Kathy Streib

Sharon Tara good for you for watching it!!! I don’t have anything against her but it takes away from the players and the game!!

Feb 13, 2024 07:54 AM
Will Hamm
Hamm Homes - Aurora, CO
"Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"

Hello Kathy, now I will watch more college basketball and get ready for March Madness. 

Feb 13, 2024 07:49 AM
Kathy Streib

Will Hamm same here . We watch it almost every night. There have been some good games

Feb 13, 2024 07:55 AM
Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Kathy. Being a Chicago Bears fan, I get the benefit of a short season, ha, ha and that makes withdrawal easier. Not a big fan of college basketball but like it better than the pros. Sometime in March I may get a little fanatical but it passes quickly. Enjoy your day.

Feb 13, 2024 08:32 AM
Kathy Streib

Wayne Martin Don't make me laugh!!! The Bears will come back...some day! LOL  We haven't watched a pro basket ball game since 2020. 

Feb 13, 2024 05:38 PM
Joyce Marsh
Joyce Marsh Real Estate LLC - Daytona Beach, FL
Joyce Marsh Homes

We really enjoyed the game. Action packed I thought. Half time I was busy in the kitchen so I missed most. A

Feb 13, 2024 12:21 PM
Kathy Streib

Joyce Marsh The game was a lot better in the 4th quarter! And overtime was the best part. 

Feb 13, 2024 05:40 PM
George Souto
George Souto NMLS #65149 FHA, CHFA, VA Mortgages - Middletown, CT
Your Connecticut Mortgage Expert

Kathy I have had my fill of Taylor Swift, and she was the reason I was hoping the 49er's would win.  As far as the commercials go, all but a couple were worth watching.  The others were a waste of money in my opinion.

Feb 13, 2024 01:55 PM
Kathy Streib

George Souto you and I are on the same page. It's insulting to the real football fans to keep showing Taylor Swift. 

Feb 13, 2024 05:41 PM
Dorie Dillard Austin TX
Coldwell Banker Realty ~ 512.750.6899 - Austin, TX
NW Austin ~ Canyon Creek and Spicewood/Balcones

Good evening Kathy,

Thank you for the links to the commercials.....some were just not funny and what a waste of money for the companies who hired such non-creative writers. The half time would have been better if they didn't try and throw so much at you all at once! WAY TOO MUCH going on taking away from the performer ...Usher. Fourth quarter was definitely the best as well as over time!


Feb 13, 2024 06:44 PM
Endre Barath, Jr.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties - Beverly Hills, CA
Realtor - Los Angeles Home Sales 310.486.1002

Kathy Streib  your post just confirmed that I made the right choice four years ago not to have the TV on for anything, news, sports etc. and instead listening to classical music day and night:)Endre

Feb 13, 2024 08:45 PM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

It really was an exciting game!  I filled my belly with Panda Express, stayed in my pajamas, put a log in the fireplace, and really enjoyed.  I really didn't care who won.  I live close to the 49ers, but was born in Kansas and have family there.

Feb 14, 2024 01:35 AM
Myrl Jeffcoat
Sacramento, CA
Greater Sacramento Realtor - Retired

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy, on having this blog FEATURED in the Old Farts Club group!  

Feb 14, 2024 01:50 AM
Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Pasadena And Southern California 818.516.4393

Hello Kathy - fumbles, interceptions and missed opportunities.  Not just in football.  Although I didn't see the entire game, each commercial or the finer details of a play, my iverall sense was of enjoyment of the experience.   

Feb 14, 2024 05:40 AM
John Juarez
The Medford Real Estate Team - Fremont, CA

It was a very entertaining game. Disappointing to me since my team came in second. As for the commercials, most were not interesting to me. I did like the Schwarzenegger add.

Feb 14, 2024 06:01 AM
Carol Williams
Although I'm retired, I love sharing my knowledge and learning from other real estate industry professionals. - Wenatchee, WA
Retired Agent / Broker / Prop. Mgr, Wenatchee, WA

Hi Kathy,
It was one of the better Super Bowl games I've watched, except when the Seahawks beat Denver in XLVIII. I wasn't enamored with the ads or half-time.

I am extremely disappointed that Andy Reid is excusing Kelce's behavior. Not the message I think we should be sending to anyone, especially kids. I could go on about the consequences of all that but I won't.

Feb 14, 2024 03:40 PM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten

Interesting I read your comment after I had written mine. That old word - consequences.  What happened to it?!

Feb 16, 2024 04:07 PM
Anna "Banana" Kruchten
HomeSmart Real Estate - Phoenix, AZ

Most of our friends over here on Sunday were totally not impressed with the whole Taylor BS.  Good grief - what a waste of air time. And that boyfriend of hers - terrible behavior with no consequences.  Huh?


As for the Ad - that was fun watching!  I missed a lot of the ads as I was busy chatting with the gals that were here that weren't too interested in watching the game or ads or half time.  Oh well. Kind of a snore first half anyway. 


Here's to next season! Maybe!

Feb 16, 2024 04:06 PM