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New Tesla and "Biohacking" Technology Products Helping Healthy Life

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New Tesla "Biohacking" Technology Products Helping Healthy and Longer Life

PEMF "Med Bed" helping with stress reduction, reduced inflammation and much more!

Over 100 years ago Nikola Tesla made a comment that "To understand the Universe you need to understand energy, frequency and vibration" Since Nikola Tesla has passed thousands of scientists have taken and researched his work and many have come up with advancements and modern applications. Much of this technology is starting to makes its way into the mainstream through a host of various energy and frequency based technology. Some other technologies like grounding have been used by Native Americans for hundreds, if not thousands of years and now many of these types of technologies are being categorized as "Anti Aging" and Biohacking. We take a lok at just a few of the most popular technologies below.

Nikola Tesla

The term "Biohacking" is starting to head to the mainstream and as it does so to do the number of products and technologies being made available to the public to assist with healthier and longer lives.

"Biohacking" by definition is 

"Biohacking can be described as citizen or do-it-yourself biology. For many “biohackers,” this consists of making small, incremental diet or lifestyle changes to make small improvements in your health and well-being. Biohacks promise anything from quick weight loss to enhanced brain function." 

https://www.healthline.com › health › biohacking

So in addition to modified diet, enhanced nutrition, exercise and breathing there is a wide variety of new technology that can also assist with better health and wellness. Some of the most popular products are those that reduce inflammation and enhance better sleep.

The Power Of Grounding Technology for Improved Sleep
and Reduced Inflammation

The Anti Aging Bed Covers, Blankets and Sleep Products with
Grounding and FAR Infrared Technology

One of the most popular products is the Anti Aging Bed Cover and Sleep System. These products are comprised of silver lined bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases that provide "grounding" technology and FAR infrared. crushed tourmaline and amethyst crystals inside the Anti Aging Bed Cover release a red light spectrum which helps the body produce more energy (ATP) and also detoxification along with much more. The "grounding" technology brings electrons in the body which neutralize free radical cells and thus reducing inflammation. Recent studies have shown that almost all cardiovascular disease and 3 out of 5 deaths on the planet are caused from a build up of inflammation.  The grounding technology has also been scientifically proven to improve sleep with up to 20% more REM sleep.   

Grounding products to reduce inflammation and improve sleep and recovery  
Photo of some of the Anti Aging blanket and bed covers.
See more at https://healthylifetechnology.com/collections/sleep

Some of the benefits of grounding include:

Grounding appears to improve sleep, normalize the day–night cortisol rhythm, reduce pain, reduce stress, shift the autonomic nervous system

The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

New age bed covers providing the grounding on a daily basis we did as barefoot kids has proven benefits and the FAR infrared science integrated into bed sheets and bed covers is one of the easiest technologies to use and embrace...just got to bed and lay down.

Tesla Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators
Tesla Multi Wave Oscillators - powerful technology for home or wellness centers
Learn more at https://usamedbed.com/tesla-multi-wave-oscillators/

Other technologies tie into the work of Nikola Tesla including the Tesla - Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillators which send positive frequencies, electrical energy into the body. Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky found that the "vibration" or oscillation rate of a cell determined the health of the cell and thus the Tesla Multi Wave Oscillator also helps restores cells to their healthy vibration. These devices do not require a lot of time for use and are easy to place on either side of a chair or desk. Learn more at Tesla Multi Wave Oscillator.

The Amazing Sound Frequency WavWatch - Learn more at

Sound Frequency's - Sound Frequency Watch
Another very cutting edge product is a "sound frequency watch" which can 
provide up to 1,000 sound frequencies for all types of health and wellness including inflammation, weight loss, hair loss, Lyme's disease, PTSD, headaches and much more. The science of sound frequencies goes back thousands of years with the use of sound bowls by Tibetan monks and now this watch can run up to 1,000 frequencies to the wrist and thus to any part of the body. This is another technology which is super easy to use by just placing it on your wrist. Learn more by clicking Sound Frequency Watch.

Some of many sound frequency categories

This new sound frequency watch also can reduce inflammation, improve sleep and has specific frequencies for men, women, kids and seniors. 

Terahertz Wands throwing off a blue light along with infrared, scaler energy and terahertz frequency  
Terahertz Wands - Learn more at

Terahertz Wands - using infrared light, scaler energy and quarts crystal to help with stiffness, soreness, arthritis and improved skin.

Why Use Terahertz Therapy?
Terahertz technology uses electromagnetic waves that penetrate deep in the body reaching the bone marrow. This improves blood circulation and strengthens our immune system. 

The Terahertz Therapy device is a far infrared resonant frequency technology. The benefits of this unique device are derived from the millions of vibrations which occur within your cellular structure on a microscopic level. These vibrations combined with the non-ionizing far infrared, energize and catalyze cells repair and perform their duties more efficiently.  It uses targeted Frequencies that can penetrate the body up to 20 – 30 centimeters, with zero discomfort, or irritation. 
Every cell in the body has a frequency measured in Hertz. Terahertz resonates at the same Frequency as healthy, human, cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. The electromagnetic waves of the terahertz range are currently used in medicine as a biophysical factor for the correction of several disorders.

The Benefits of the Terahertz device consist of the following: 
1. Eliminates Unhealthy Cells
2. Activates Dormant Cells
3. Increases Self Healing Ability to the DNA Level
4. Clears Meridian and Lymph Points
5. Terahertz Improves Microcirculation of the Blood
6. Regulates Endocrine Glands & Protect our Organs
7. Removes Body Humidity (water retention)
8. Cleanses Blood Impurities

"Terahertz Wands have become popular devices for a host of reasons including stiffness, soreness, arthritis and skin related issues like wrinkles and skin tightening. As the units continue to grow in popularity so to does the technology and research being done in this field. The new 7.0 Terahertz Wand is a more powerful unit at 1,000 watts and is fast becoming a top selling model. This device is the culmination of research by over 50 people around the world according to the manufacturer who consider this a third-generation device. Much like Smart Phones and other technology devices the size and power of the units continues to evolve." You can get prices on terahertz wands and more information click here

A look into a terahertz wand model "Big Blue" the most powerful unit


Terahertz wands are used for improved skin, hair growth and reduced soreness in joints and back.
A wellness center member uses a terahertz wand while sitting in a massage chair.

Med Bed Systems - The Energy Enhancement System 

"Med Beds" and med bed type technology have been spoken about for a long time. These technologies have been reported to be cutting edge healing pods that are used in covert secret programs. Although those technologies are not hear yet and availabel to the public many "med bed" type technology which again goes back to Nikola Tesla are making their way to the masses. One of these technologies is referred to as an "EE System".

The Energy Enhancement "EE" System
An Energy Enhancement Center in Richmond Virginia. Many other centers
around the United States are available at www.eesystem.com

Mobius BioEnergy Med Bed Center

4202-E Park Place Court
Glen Allen, VA 23060


The "Energy Enhancement System"

EE System at Staying Aliive Wellness Center in Cape Canaveral Florida
A photo of another EE System in Cape Canaveral Florida

Staying Aliive Wellness Center
Cape Canaveral
Address166 Center St suite 200, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
Phone: (321) 503-1670

Some of the more "cutting edge" high tech "Anti Aging" "Biohacking" technology include the "EE" Energy Enhancement Systems. These are large scaler energy systems that use lasers and biophonic light energy to produce energy fields that help with DNA repair and cell rejuvenation. "EE" Systems and the enhanced energy systems are used in homes and also at wellness centers around the United States. "EE Systems" are sometimes classified as "med bed" type technology which also gets into "sci fi" type technology that is said to exist in secret programs that can heal or cure just about anything. Although these "EE Systems" do not make any types of these claims the science and benefits of scaler energy fields do have a lot of proven benefits. EE Systems are another new technology that people can visit or place into a home.

A night at an EE System in Richmond Virginia at Mobius Bioenergy. Overnight stays at Energy Enhancement Centers is popular and a great way to get a full 8 hours of scaler energy.

Infrared Light Technology in the Form of Red Light Beds,
Booths Sauna's and More. Learn more at 

Red Light and Photobiomodulation Technology
This is perhaps one of the fastest growing technologies with a lot of published science on the benefits of red light therapy. Red light therapy is now being provided in sauna's, spas, red light booths, beds and light panels. The Theralight Red Light technologies are regarded as some of the best available to both the public and wellness centers.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy include

Red light therapy (RLT) is a type of phototherapy that may help:

Your AI powered health journey assistant

The video below explains how red light therapy works

What is Red Light Therapy and How Does it Work Video

Red light therapy expert Valerie Krossin discusses the benefits of red light therapy, how it works and what types of red light wave lengths there are. The Theralight 360 Plus is one of the leading cutting edge red light booths, chambers and technologies being used in homes and wellness centers.

As new age technology continues to develop so to do the number of products
being made available to the general public to enhance healthier lives. High density nutrition, exercise and other types of lifestyle choices can also provide
additional benefits.  A company called "USA Med Bed, LLC" looks at many of these new technologies and showcases them with industry experts on their youtube.com channel. Healthy Life Technology provides energy and frequency based technology for health and wellness centers and also for homes.

Med Bed technology

Learn more about these products and many others at the links below. 

Anti Aging videos - youtube channel





Cutting edge energy and frequency technology from all over the world all in one place! Biohacking, Anti Aging, Tesla Technology and much more!

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