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Key West Employment

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Key West Employment

Our local economy leans towards goods and services for both new residents and tourists.The retail, construction and hotel industries have the most employees in Monroe County.
Business Size
Monroe County is comprised of primarily small businesses.
Since there is no state or local income tax, you take home more.

Employment: The good news. Key West has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.
Why? Key West is one of the most popular destination points in the world for Divers, Boaters, Fishermen and people looking to get out of the bad weather and enjoy our water and the unique ambiance of Key West and the neighboring islands

So What. In addition to people flying and driving in, on average we get two to three Cruise ships from all over the world each day. This has spurred a growth which includes more hotels, condos, and restaurants, charters, etc. Obviously all these new startups plus all the existing ones need people.

So. The bad news for an Employer!
Employers have a hard time finding full time or year round employees. Instead they get people looking to work summers or to pay for extended vacations. Now there is nothing wrong with this and in some cases this is what they want however in most cases they would like to find steady year round help and offer full benefits.

The good news for you.
If you are looking for a steady job, have your own transportation and a good work ethic (will show up) there are lots of jobs to be had. For instance in the building, remodeling trade contractors have a very hard time getting reliable help. Some of these jobs start at $15.00 per hour. In general retail jobs start at $8.00 and quickly go to $10.00 and more with commissions.

Sound too good to be true. Remember this is a resort area, which has a unique and completely different makeup than the rest of the country or world. Kind of like Aspen except that we get tourists year round!
To look for jobs in the classifieds go to www.keysjobs.com or www.keynoter.com
Some statistics:
• Construction 5.4%
• Education & Health Services 12.3%
• Financial Activities 6.0%
• Information 1.3%
• Leisure & Hospitality 32.6%
• Manufacturing 0.8%
• Natural Resources & Mining 0.4%
• Other Services 3.5%
• Professional & Business Services 7.8%
• Public administration 8.8%
• Trade, Transportation and Utilities 21.2%