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Keeping Up with Uncle Sam: 6 Years is All You Need!

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I focus my practice on tax resolution, representing taxpayers in Colorado, Florida, and across the United States. 

Tax season can be stressful, but there's good news! You only need to keep and file the last 6 years of your tax returns to be compliant with the IRS. This means less paperwork and more peace of mind!

However, navigating tax laws can still get confusing. Whether you're a freelancer, run a small business, or have complex financial situations, it's crucial to ensure your returns are accurate and filed on time.

Here at Apex Tax Defense, we're passionate about helping individuals and businesses navigate the tax landscape with confidence. Our team of experienced professionals can:

  • Review your past returns for accuracy and potential missed deductions.
  • Help you understand your current tax filing requirements.
  • Identify opportunities to maximize your deductions and minimize your tax liability.
  • Streamline the filing process and ensure all deadlines are met.

Don't wait until the last minute! Whether you have questions about the 6-year rule, need help filing past returns, or want to plan for future tax seasons, Apex Tax Defense is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's work together to achieve your financial goals!

If you or someone you know has back taxes to deal with, don't hesitate to contact us immediately at 844-545-5829 or by email at mmoran@apextaxdefense.com. 

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