Help with pet odors

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On a recent tour with an out of town buyer, out of 10 homes, 8 had strong pet odors.

My client rejected them out of hand and I couldn't blame him, they were strong.  I always wonder why sellers don't recognise that this (or any odor) is a big turn-off to those who are looking for a very quick impression from a house quickly, as they are looking at a list of many possibles.  Let me help you with a couple of tips.

1.)  Bowls of white vinegar sitting out in a room will absorb smoke and other odors, you can also spray mist the vinegar in a room.

2.)  Solid sticks of antipersperant chunked up in a closet or a closed drawer can help.

3.)  An open can of fresh ground coffee in a kitchen can help to remove/mask "strange" cooking odors.

4.)  A fan with either a Bounce clothes dryer strip or a cotton ball soaked in vanilla works well.

5.)  Remove Fluffy's or Fido's stuff, and please keep those litterboxes under tight control.

These are some simple ideas and they are easy to implement.  They may bring you a sale rather quickly, you may have the "freshest" house on the block!  If you need more ideas, feel free to contact me.

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