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Preparing Home for Sale: Deep Cleaning

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Whenever you intend to sell something, the first thing you do is make it as attractive as possible, and this is the same for real estate. A clean home can earn you points, so it's worth making it attractive enough to set a good price. However, before you get your cleaning supplies and the 55-gallon trash bags, there are a few things you need to know about deep cleaning your home. 

Where Do You Clean?

You must clean the hotspots, and this includes the most important parts of the home. There isn’t a specific formula for figuring this out because it differs from home to home. However, there are things or places that, if dirty, will be noticeable to prospective buyers. This means they might rethink making the purchase. Some of the essential places to clean include:

Oven, Dishwasher, and Fridge

We tend to get used to using our appliances with little cleaning and maintenance, but you should remember that new buyers will inspect them carefully. For this reason, you have to make sure that they are spotless and clean. Empty the fridge and clean the drawers and shelves—you're done when you notice the shine. You can buy special cleaning products for cleaning grease out of the oven and dishwasher. 


There are probably some marks on your home walls. Don’t worry, as this is common for most homes, especially if you have lived there for a long time. Do proper cleaning to get rid of these stains, and if they are old, don't hesitate to get special cleaners to do the job. If a wall needs fixing, you need to get to it immediately. Your home must look as good as new by the time you are done with the renovation. 

Toilet, Sink, and Bathtub

These are the most visited places, so you should take good care of them and clean every bit of dirt or stain. Pay extra attention and detail to the sink and bathtub, as new eyes will occasionally spot anything that seems odd or out-of-place. Do the job patiently and properly, as the little details go a long way to ensure that your home looks good. 

What About Clutter?

Crowded homes usually have this unappealing look that makes the house seem unattractive. It is also a known fact that cluttering is also a safety concern as it poses a risk. When preparing to have your home visited by prospective buyers, aside from cleaning it, ensure there is no clutter. Remember that a clutter-free environment is way more appealing than an untidy one. 

Draw your attention to the garage, attic, and basement of the house. Get rid of anything that’s no longer needed. If it is in good condition, consider offering it to the needy or to any charity. Anything else should go in the trash. Space is a selling point for new buyers as they can personalize and imagine what they might want for that particular place. 


Cleaning and decluttering aren't the only concerns when you are about to sell your home, but they go a long way in improving its aesthetics. Other basics to remember are to put up inviting flowers at the entrance and avoid having pets around if it is an open house. Don't forget about the exterior, too; this includes the walls, walkway, and driveway. Lastly, trim the bushes around the house to leave a lasting impression on the buyer. 

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